Sunday, December 28, 2014


I feel like all of my posts in the last year, maybe even longer, have pretty much only consisted of constantly playing  catch up. No real depth has been shown because with the amount of pictures and info I need to quickly update, I'm exhausted by the time I'm caught up, and therefore I don't get much 'expressing myself' in. So as part of my New Year's Resolutions I'm going to document not only the big, but the little things as well. I want may babies to have this when they're older with families of they're own. I want them to know we love them with every fiber of our being. That our entire world consists of life with them. We adore them.

The last few days Jaz has been getting more and more sick. We luckily were able to enjoy our Christmas 'bug free.' But by the next day, Jaz was coming down with something, this was a first for little guy. I can always tell when my babies are sick. Their eyes tell me so much. By last night Jaz was fevering, coughing terribly and crying from feeling so miserable. Jaiya had a sleepover with her cousin Shandee at Grandma Candi's so we were able to concentrate solely on each of us taking turns with Jaz, and getting some rest. All without having to worry about Jaiya waking up.

Today we stayed home from church, cuddling Jaz, watching tv series, and eating lots of pizza.

Jaiya and I also got in some cuddles before she quickly fell asleep. Apparently her bedtime last night was 1a.m. Grandma's was so fun, there was no time for sleep I guess.

Hopefully my sick little punkin baby gets feeling better quickly. He's so handsome and sweet, even when he's sick. It took riding around in the car to get him to finally fall asleep.

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