Friday, July 30, 2010

Things are about to Change...

I always get extremely scared when BIG changes arise. And BIG changes are definitely arising around our household...not only are we expecting our 1st baby, but Dustin recently (thank heaven) got a job at the prison. CONGRATS BABE. I am so proud of him, he really wanted this job, and has always been interested in corrections! I also know how much stress it is supposed to relieve to know that he finally, after all of the tests he has been through, got offered the job, but I have mixed emotions...He will start academy on the 9th, and for 16 weeks he will be living up north 4 days a week, and home on weekends. Boo. I have been extremely blessed to get to spend so much time with my husband our first 3 years of marriage, and I am not ready for life to change so drastically! After these 16 weeks, I will feel MUCH better!;)
On top of his new job, I go to my orientation for school on the 3rd of August, and I am getting extremely nervous about being in school while being pregnant, with a husband who is gonna be gone. Maybe this is all a mixture of pregnancy hormones (which according to Dustin are on HIGH this past week), and my easily triggered stress, but I don't feel ready for all this:(
On the opposite end of the spectrum, I am VERY grateful for these changes. I know that they are all for the better, and HUGE blessings in our lives. We are finally working towards our careers and building a family, and I couldn't be happier. But even the best of times can be a little scary when you don't know what to expect, right?!

Things are still looking good with the pregnancy. Our little one is kicking more than ever. Once we hit about 5 months, I could tell she suddenly became so much stronger. Her favorite time to move is whenever mommy lays down to relax for a bit!;) Makes relaxing even better! Dustin and I laid and watched my stomach move for the first time Tuesday morning, it's so crazy that we can not only FEEL her move, but also SEE it! I know once this little one gets here I am going to miss being able to feel her move every day...
I have now put on about 10 lbs!!! Doc says, although I am healthy and he is not worried, I need to gain weight just a little bit faster in order to hit at least 25 lbs at the end of all this, but I can assure you I am eating lots, and doing EVERYTHING I can to make sure this little gal is healthy.
Keeping busy...
We have been up to so much lately...I have recently started selling my watchbands/jewelry at Sunkyst Tans here in Salina, and Dust has stayed really busy with wreckers, also...We have finished the front yard, added shutters to the house, and I am re-finishing a desk that I bought at a yard sale! So much to post camera...Once I get my battery charger back, I will post pictures!!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Just a little update on my jewelry here or on my blog button on the left side of my page to view;)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

5 Months

We are at 20 weeks!

I feel absolutely GREAT.

I have definitely been growing, and so has our baby girl.

She is now the length of a BANANA from head to rump.

She is kicking a lot more. And I absolutely love it.

Daddy felt her for the first time the other night. It wasn't very strong but...he felt her.

His eyes lit up. I have been so excited for the day Dustin could feel her, it not only makes it more real for him, but we get to experience it together...

As for my eating habits:

I haven't been having any weird cravings lately. I just drink a lot of least its good for the baby;)

The bedding for the baby has finally came, and we are now going to begin on the nursery.

I LOVE decorating, and it has been so fun coming up with ideas for our little girl.

Her room colors are orange, pink, and green...;)


Wednesday, July 7, 2010



The 4th of July is my favorite holiday. (Well...that and Thanksgiving)

It's been almost 4 years since Dustin has celebrated in Salina, and almost 3 for me.

Way too long!

Since this year the 4th landed on a Sunday, all of the festivities were held on Saturday...

We had a great time going to the Gunnison and Salina parades, and the Salina rodeo...

Beau-Cruise Eating at El Mexi before the Salina Parade

Dustin and Cole drove a wrecker in the parade.

Catching Candy

Had and Bry

At the Salina Rodeo

Love this picture of Dustin watching the fireworks

Cody and Kim

Brady and Kayla

Family BBQ

Mom invited all of us kiddos over for a BBQ on the "official" 4th.

It was SO yummy.

We ate, played in the yard, reminisced, and had LOTS of laughs.

Our parents should be so proud...;)

Love them.

Jace and Cody

That night we watched fireworks at Dustin's parents house.

Dez, Candi, Gage, Me, and Kez

I would dare say, Kez HATES fireworks...she shook the WHOLE time!

Measha, Darion, Shandee, and Taylen


Dustin turned 25 today.

We didn't go all out.

We had lunch, lounged around, and went to his softball games in Richfield...

His type of day...low key!

He MADE me promise not to buy him anything because he wanted to get shutters for the house instead. Always doing the practical thing...That's what I LOVE about him.

I made him a funfetti cake, his fave, and gave him a card.

As I have gotten older, I realize that less really is more!

Love you honey, I hope your day was everything you wanted. You are everything to me!;)

Better late than never...

April's Wedding

April and Rowdy got married June 5th.

I was her Maid of Honor, and I must say, it really was an honor.

We had a great time in Mesquite, and were so happy we were able to be a part of their special day.

April was such a gorgeous bride.

Love you guys! Congratulations!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

IT'S A...

Let the shopping begin...
My mom and I went straight to Richfield, and bought her 3 new outfits, slippers, and some socks!
I knew from the beginning this was a baby girl. (we all thought so) I like to think it was my motherly instincts already hard at work!;)
My mom, Dustin, and I were in awe with this little one the whole 2 hours we were in ultrasound.
She is 9 oz, and growing by the day!
Seeing our baby girl for the first time was the neatest experience of my life to date!
This sweet little girl is amazing to me.
She is a part of me, and I already love everything about her...

sucking her thumb...(taking after Mommy)

You can see her little nose and lips...sleeping with her mouth open...again...just like her Mommy!
She is curled up right here...

Girlie parts!...
Yes, we do have a name picked out...but, I haven't decided if I want to tell people or keep it a secret til she is born???
Decision is still pending...;)