Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Jaz's Blessing Day

It's always a special day when a sweet baby gets blessed with a name and sweet blessing that will be with them throughout their entire lives. We asked Papa Jerry to do the honors. Daddy stood in the circle but didn't quite feel ready to perform the blessing on his own. It means the same either way...Jerry did a great job, and I know Dustin is grateful that there are people in our lives that can use their priesthood on our behalf. We're forever grateful.

Following the blessing, our family and friends gathered at the Rec Center for a luncheon. We appreciate everyone who helped out. It's tough to feed that many people with a lot of help, let-a-lone by myself!

Jaz Dustin Johnson

"Here Mama, I'll make him smile!"

Four Generations

We came home, and Jaz fell asleep around 5p.m. This picture was taken at 10p.m and he was still out. It was a BIG day for such a little guy!

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