Friday, September 12, 2014

Johnson's...Party of 4

We took our first vacay as a family of  4.
Mom needed a much needed break from the all too familiar and indented spot on the couch, doing nothing but pumping and feeding like an animal, and J needed school clothes. So, we took a little stay-cation to Lehi.
It was just what we needed. Or, I guess I should rephrase that...It was just what I needed.
We played, shopped, ate and swam. Jaiya got some one on one time, mainly from daddy since mom has to feed the babes and change dipey's and such...but, she enjoyed every minute of it. Having a little one is an adjustment for all of us, but we have been doing our best to make Jaiya feel just as loved and important as she was before.

P.S when we pulled in to our hotel, standing right beside our car was the famous Mr. Danny Glover! cha-ching!!!

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Cute pics!!! :)