Saturday, April 5, 2014

Jaiya's New Room

We've really tried hard to make sure that Jaiya is 100% involved in getting her new room ready. Not surprising that she's absolutely loved it. I feel so bad we don't have enough room for her stay put where she is at now, but she really can't wait for the big change. I on the other hand, can.

The night Dustin decided to paint Jaiya's room, it was alreay almost 9pm...her bedtime. But, I couldn't bare putting her to bed and doing it without her, and the next morning we couldn't paint for some reason, probably work. So, we let her stay up. She didn't even take a break. She painted til her eyelids were literally so heavy I thought she'd fall over. It was so sweet. I love this little girl and all help she provides.

Baby Boy- 24 Weeks

24 weeks, really?

I can hardly believe we've hit the 6 month mark.

I'm even more shocked that I haven't posted once...not once, about this little boy's progress.

So be prepared for a whole-lotta jabbering.

Mama Stats:

Weight Gain- 15 lbs.
Sickness- NOTTA!
Maternity clothes- I probably could, but thank goodness for's the's gone out of control.
Gender- BOY!
Movement- Constantly. I love LOVE love it!
Cravings- Fruit. But really no full on cravings. I quite honestly don't feel that different, just fat! But, a good fat, of course!
Sleep- I already feel so big that I'm not that comfortable. And I have my constant bathroom runs throughout the night...

When I first found out I was pregnant, I had morning/ all day sickness just like I did with Jaiya. But also just like with Jaiya, after 12 weeks, it stopped. However, with My first pregnancy, It still came every now and then. Like, I'd have a meal, and every once in a while I'd throw it up. But with this little guy, I've been NOT ONE BIT sick. I'm so thankful for that. Chasing a toddler, working and going about each day would be so much harder if I were sick.

We do have a name picked out...But, even though tons of people know, I am TRYING to keep it somewhat of a surprise.

I'm so elated to be having a little boy. So is Jaiya. It really is so much more exciting watching her excitement. She kisses my belly, talks to him, sings to him, loves on him ALL.OF.THE.TIME! It's adorable. She's had all sorts of questions, because let's be honest, how on earth would a baby get in my belly...??? But, we take each question as they come, and she has really started to grasp now that it takes a long time for baby to grow and be healthy enough to come out. One thing she brought up, which we laughed hysterically at, is..." Mama, is the baby in there like (looks like she's pretending to climb up something) help me! help me!... let me out!?" and "Does the baby catch the food you eat in his hands and go (pretending to eat out of her hands.)?"

So far, we haven't been getting too much done with the nursery due to the slow progress of getting our  basement finished. We have to wait til it's done before we can start on his room...since he'll be taking Jaiya's current room and she'll be moving on to a bigger "big girl" room!

We love this baby boy so much already. We just continue to pray for healthy pregnancy and baby...

And here are some pics of random pictures throughout the pregnancy thus far-