Wednesday, December 31, 2014


As I mentioned before, Christmas this year was at an all time high for us. Having two babes, and Jaiya being old enough to understand and get excited for was perfect. Dustin and I were so excited this year. Jaiya asked for:
Kinetic Sand
Little dolls for her dollhouse
A car for her dolls

Mom really wanted Santa to bring a teepee to go in the playroom. Cute and fun.

Dustin and I stayed up late wrapping gifts and getting everything just right. We couldn't wait to see her face as she walked downstairs.

Before she went to bed on Christmas Eve, Jaiya had finished some elf cupcakes that Tiara left for her to decorate for Santa, so we sat them out on the hearth downstairs. That and chocolate milk. Jaiya says Santa loves chocolate milk.

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Camille said...

I want a tee pee too!!! :) It was such a fun, memorable Christmas!!!!! Thanks for letting us be a part of it!!!!