Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Boy oh boy...

How did I forget to blog the most anticipated time of the year....

And since I am in the middle of homework, and have the attention span of a 3 year old, I need a break already. So, what better time to blog than right this very second?! Except, the hubs tries to keep me on track so I have to nonchalantly switch screens when he comes around;) Just a heads up.
So, if you started reading my blog after October of last year, you probably don't know how much I love.adore.worship.look forward to...Girls Weekend. (Yes I capitalize it. It's a new Holiday. Get used to it.)
If you don't do Girls Weekend. You should.
Every year, in October, Mama Urs, Bush, and Myself take a few days and go to St. George. Here is what we do. Eat, Shop, Orange Peel, Shop, Tuacahn, movie, Sleep, Next day: Eat, Shop, Orange Peel, Shop, Tuacahn, Sleep, Day 3: Orange Peel, Shop, Eat, Movie, Head home. Got it?
We 3 amigos, find ourselves to be hilarious, and we laugh the entire time. Like, pee your pants laughing. I enjoy saying inappropriate things that makes Ma go in to severe shock, and sis just listens and laughs while watching all of this go on. It's great.
Here's our trip through pictures:

 Exchanging our "favorite things."
 Mom and her amazing talents!

 Bubble Smoothies...To die for!

Holy crap. We thought this was fake.

 We hate that we are all grown up now...we want mamma to push us still...!:(
 Models in the making for Claires.

" Hey, I mustache you a question?!"

Hi, I'm a sloth. Not sure why, just go with it!
 2 words. Pitch Perfect. Best movie, and hilarious. This is my sis doing her version of the sideways run...priceless sis, priceless.
Only 330-ish days til next time....

Saturday, November 24, 2012


It is so easy to get caught up in the busyness of life and lose sight of all things that make life so enjoyable.

That's why I adore the Holiday's.

This time of year is all about gratitude, giving, and love. It's what makes the holiday season what it is.

I like to think that I am a grateful person, and that I don't take too much for granted. But, truth is, we all do. It's part of life. We get caught up in our own little world, and do what we need to do to survive the craziness of life, and then things that we normally would take the time to notice are put on the back burner. It's a battle that is meant to help us learn and grow.

Since I started my Radiology education, I have felt like it has taken so much time and caused so much stress, but the rewards are tenfold. I can't tell you how much better I feel knowing that I am working towards my full potential in a field I am passionate about. It would have been much easier not to go outside of my little box of comfort, but I am glad I took that leap of faith in myself. Although, mainly, for the tiny little person that I am so proud to call my daughter.

Throughout the past few years, I have had major ups and downs, and I know I have driven everyone to drink with my madness. Especially my hubs. I have meltdowns and times of pure joy. But he is always there to keep me going. I have days where I am struggling and with one conversation with Dustin, I feel energized, confident and good to go. How a person can do this for you is unreal. Why can't I do that for myself? Sheesh. Guess that's what makes marriage so great. Keeping each other solid and confident for the world.

I had a few "moments" while I was preparing for Thanksgiving to think about how far Dust and I have come. We were kids when we met. Literally. I was 16, he was 17. We have grown with one another in to everything that we are today. All we have, our decisions, it's all been together. How lucky are we?

And, although it's obvious, I am so proud and happy of the best thing we have ever done....Bringing little Jaiya Ivie in to the world.

It's a scary thing to become parents. This world has gone mad, and the thought of a child growing up in all of this mess is frightening to say the least. But, the Lord saved the strongest...So, we have faith that she will be strong, grow to be wise and set out for her dreams. That's all we could ever want. Pure happiness.

Raising kids with solid values and confidence can't be easy. But we are going to give it our all and hope for the best. She'll need it. Just like we do. I strive for balance, confidence, and bettering myself daily. It never ends. But, it's important to be what you want your kids to be.

That is my gratitude this Thanksgiving. I hope you all enjoy your holiday's, take time to reflect, and remember what makes you, YOU!


I have more pics of Thanksgiving day...once I figure out how to get them on my laptop.

Happy Thanksgiving All!

Monday, November 19, 2012


Dustin and I, BOTH, had to work on Halloween this year. Bummer!  I wasn't going to be home until 9-ish and Dustin works through the night so, I was SO happy that Jaiya was invited to her FIRST birthday party (besides family;) a few days before actual Halloween.

Tacyn is her cute little friend that lives here in town. His birthday is around Halloween, so it was a "COSTUME PARTY".... Thank goodness. This felt enough like Halloween for Mom not to feel too guilty. (Thanks Whit!)

She had so much fun! Every kid her age was at this party, i swear! They made pizza (hers was of course loaded with olives), played, and opened presents. I'm so mad I didn't get a pic of the grand entrance into the party... It was like a haunted house with fog, music and decor!!!

Halloween night, dad got Jaiya got all dressed up In her owl costume. She loves her costume and walks around saying,"whoooo. Whoooo." All while flapping her wings.

Halloween would not have happened, had it not been for our mom's!

Thank the heaven's above for Grandma's! Grandma Candi did her make-up, and mom made sure Jaiya got to trick-or-treat a few houses.

She looked SO cute!

And her I am. All dressed up at the hospital. Halloween is a BIG deal at SVMC.
Where's my "mummy?" http://instagr.am/p/RdJ7X6lCF9/

Pumpkin Patch

This year Dustin and I were adiment on making sure that we took Jaiya to the pumpkin patch & carve the pumpkins BEFORE Halloween. We usually say we are going to do all of these fun things before a holiday, and never do them. But this time, we actually did...minus the carving...Well at least we improved. Rome wasn't built in a day people!

We took Jaiya over to the Beck Family Farms pumpkin patch. They do a great job setting up the pumpkins with the most creative/fun little names,  making the BEST maze for the little ones, and it's so country. I can't help but remember why Dustin and I never wanted to leave Small Town, USA. This is exactly how we want to raise Jaiya.

She was so excited. I even woke her up after napping for only twenty minutes, and she was as happy as ever! Success.


The finish line!!!

4 generations. xo

Thursday, November 8, 2012


My posts that are completely and utterly pointless, those are some of the funnest one's to write. I guess I really like coming to terms with how weird I am. It's great.

I decided today, that after years of hate and cruel jokes, I like cats. Ellen, (my blessing in disguise for daily laughter, )  showed the silliest cat video. After that, I decided I wanted one. Not an idea I would even want to entertain at the moment considering I have a dog I can barely raise, and a child who is busier than ever! It just baffles me, (baffles? not sure that's a real word, but it's perfect) that my strict way of thinking can be turned upside down with one talk show episode. I not only want a cat, but I want it to be fat. Yet another reason I shouldn't have one.

On to other things.

I also, still, love short hair. And since my husband would probably never be able to look at me twice if I cut mine, I'm gonna share a pic or two that I look at just for pure pleasure and wishful thinking.

So, there is even a story behind this picture.
Two years ago, I came across a pic of this hairstyle. I loved it. I took a picture of the picture, and kept it on my phone just so I could lust over what will never be on my head. Then, miraculously, I was graced with it's presence on google again today. And, I had to share.

It's not my #1 anymore, but I still love it. And we have a history;)
Another beauty.
sleek perfection.
I can see long, flowy, beautiful hair, and think it's gorgeous. I'm human. But, if I see a cute short hairstyle. I become envious. It's the best. Short over long. That's all I gotta say. This gene was inherited by my dad, who is goo goo ga ga over short hair. Thanks dad.
And that folks, is what I do to brighten a dull day. Look at fat cats and short hair.