Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Jaz 5 Months


As I mentioned before, Christmas this year was at an all time high for us. Having two babes, and Jaiya being old enough to understand and get excited for was perfect. Dustin and I were so excited this year. Jaiya asked for:
Kinetic Sand
Little dolls for her dollhouse
A car for her dolls

Mom really wanted Santa to bring a teepee to go in the playroom. Cute and fun.

Dustin and I stayed up late wrapping gifts and getting everything just right. We couldn't wait to see her face as she walked downstairs.

Before she went to bed on Christmas Eve, Jaiya had finished some elf cupcakes that Tiara left for her to decorate for Santa, so we sat them out on the hearth downstairs. That and chocolate milk. Jaiya says Santa loves chocolate milk.

Temple Square

Daddy has been trying to plan a Temple Square trip with friends for a couple of years now, and it finally happened. Mike, Shanell, Avery, Ryan and Bree'l all met us at City Creek for dinner followed by a trip to see the lights. The girls loved it. It is unbelievably busy that day. I'm talking a 3 hour wait at Cheesecake Factory and about a gazillion people in the food court. But we opted for the latter and got in line at different places. It was the better option of the two. Regardless of the outrageous amounts of people crowding the streets, it was a great night.

Jaiya saw Santa at RC Willy on the way up. 

Jaiya Ivie Turns 4

On the morning of Jaiya's birthday, I posted this picture with this caption.

One of my favorite pictures of my sweet girl.

For her birthday this year, Jaiya wanted a friend birthday. Of course, I was happy to make that happen. She invited her friends from school, and some friends she's always had, and her cousins. We did a Winter Wonderland them. She picked out a Frozen cake and we had hot chocolate and doughnuts. We played snowman bowling and musical chairs. It was definitely a perfect 4th birthday.

Since last year, she has been asking for a pinata at her next party. I found the cutest Elsa one that we could use, and she absolutely love it. It was just a tad bit morbid seeing Elsa hanging from our front tree...oops.

18 kids showed up. I was sweating by the end of the party, but Jaiya had so much fun, I didn't even care.

Happy Birthday my sweetie bug!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

There's a reason most people love the holiday's. It's finally cooled off a little outside, so it's not too hot, not too cold. Every store has started putting Thanksgiving items out on the shelves, and something about the warm savory scents that you smell everywhere you go. Pumpkin mostly.

It is by far my favorite time of year. Mainly because the holiday's consist of lots of time spent with family. I love any day that I can spend with my family, so a couple months dedicated to dinners, parties and get-together's is my idea of perfection.

After Thanksgiving, a little less than a week later, we finally were all home together to put up our tree. This time of year is magical in and of itself, but adding kids into the mix, amplifies it tenfold. Jaiya lights up at the thought of wrapping presents, making cookies, looking for her elf, Tiara, and decorating the house and tree. And, of course, having a second baby in the family, was the icing on the cake. We are so happy with the little family we've created.

This year, with our basement nearly finished, we put our tree downstairs. Having no furniture allowed us to leave the living room empty so Santa could fit everything in there perfectly.

Trying cereal for the first time. Despite this cute smile, he hated it. Gagged terribly.

Phone Pics

Jaiya was able to write 1-20 at age 3.