Sunday, March 28, 2010

March Random-ness

Here is what we have been up to this month....
1. Brylee and Heather came to visit
2. We finally got our living room {pretty much} done.
3. I got some pictures of our cute lil' Kezi. {I don't take enough!}
I NEVER get as "baby-hungry" as I do when our sweet little Brylee comes to visit! She is always so happy and full of life! I L.O.V.E her cute personality, she is hilarious!

Seriously! Look at that smile...PRECIOUS;)
She LOVES remotes...just like her Uncle Dustin!;)

We ate at The Hot Spot for lunch, so Bry had to get her workout in...

Proud as a Peach

It has taken us about a year, but we have pretty much done away with all hand-me-downs, and we now have all of our OWN stuff! It has been so much fun. We just recently got this walnut coffee table, and our entertainment center, and we are so happy with the turn out! Now...end tables!;)

It is so funny how pets can bring so much personality into a home. Kezi is seriously the light of our crazy as that sounds (YES, we probably need a child soon!) we would do ANYTHING for our little Kezi-boo! She is SPOILED ROTTEN! For example: She sleeps with us, we leave the T.V on for her when we leave so she doesn't get lonely, "I" dress her up, we talk to her like a little baby, we open the blinds so she can look out whether we are home or away, and the list goes on and on...Kezi definately has us wrapped around her little paw!;)

I mean, look at that face, how could you not just LOVE her!

This one too....;) Those eyes make me melt!

Beggin' for treats with Uncle Scruffy! ha ha ha

Sportin' the chest hair!;)
Well, I am all caught up! Hopefully we will get our camera battery and charger from the PALMS soon so we will have more pictures to post!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's Our....

3 Year Anniversary...

It will never cease to amaze me how fast time flies! The past 7 years that Dustin and I have spent together have been absolutely amazing, and I can truly say that I do not know how I got this lucky! Dustin does SO much for me, and I want to let everyone know how much I appreciate him. Dustin is so selfless, and I admire him so much for that!

This year, we kept our tradition alive, and spent our 3 year anniversary in...


We enjoyed our time gambling, eating, touring a few newer places we had not seen yet, tanning, going to two movies: Green zone, and Shutter Island, both highly recommended, and seeing The Beatles LOVE by Cirque du Soleil....simply... AMAZING!

We went down early and spent our first night in Mesquite;)

My handsome hubby;)

Our first day in Vegas we decided to go see the new hotel and casino ARIA, and the recently finished City Center!


This cute little diner is called SWEET CHILL. It has the BEST ice cream!

I got my beloved "Turtle" ice cream, and Dust got "Cookies n Cream"

These flowers were made of white, milk, and dark chocolate! VERY impressive!

Some fun things to see at City Center:

We had 2nd row seating at LOVE, and I am here to tell you that is show is a MUST see!!! Everything they do is so perfect, right down to their make-up! I loved it! This was our 3rd Cirque show, and still ...UNBELIEVABLE! I liked the Beatles' songs before, but I left a true fan!!!

Our last day was spent tanning, gambling, & enjoying our 2 movies! Awww...a little R&R never felt better!!!


Me doing what I do best....EATING!;)

I look forward to many, many more anniversaries with my sweet hubby! Wherever our lives may lead us, I am happy to know that it will be with Dustin by my side! Happy 3 year Anniversary babe! I LOVE YOU!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Carribean Cruise 2010

Once again, our cruise was absolutely amazing! I can never believe how FAST vacations go by...we wait and wait for the day to finally come, and then POOF...your back at home, wishing you were where you just were all over again! (deep, I know!;) The best part of a vacation is being able to "set aside" all of your responsiblities for that short amount of time, and just enjoy yourself!


Dancin' at the club
Luke and Mariah

Marcus and Sarah

Me and Mariah



Formal Night

Tiff, Sarah, Court and Myself

Our handsome hubby's...they clean up nicely if I say so myself!;)

Glamour shot!


And...that night...SUSHI! Our fave!

DAY 4: Half Moon Cay...Oh wait, we weren't able to go due to bad weather so we were refunded some money, and we spent the day at sea!:( Bummer! It was so windy and cold that we just spent the day in sweats:( Not my ideal cruise weather, but what do ya do?

Infamous bathroom pic!

Blayr and I with our Miami Vice drinks...;)

The guys doing what they do best...GAMBLING! Thanks to Dustin, we came home $700.00 ahead after everything was paid for! He does this every year, and I can't complain! Maybe when he starts losing I will try to break his habit...;) Until then... gamble on my dear!


On our way to Atlantis

Our little/big group waiting outside for our taxi driver to get back with our illegal tickets!

Taking some pics to kill time!
These yachts were A.M.A.Z.I.N.G


Blayr robbed the flower bushes and gave Tiff and I these cute flowers!!! Thanks Blayr!


Dustin and I

The beautiful Atlantis Resort

Here are a few pics from inside...

What you see when you first walk out of the hotel...Breathtaking!

This slide goes through a shark neat!

sharks! (you can see the slide behind them!) Fun!

The water was unbelievably turquoise! I loved it!


Blayr, me, Tiff, and Bradi

Kissy faces;)

Me and Alley

Goodbye Altantis

Tiff and I stalking up on candy for the 2nd time! Mmmm Mmmm

Our henna tattoos from the Atlantis's amazing how many people, who have known you for years, ask if it's real! SERIOUSLY?! Ha ha

Our last supper....;)

So sad it's all over, but...Until next time....