Tuesday, November 8, 2011

1st Haircut


Our beautiful baby girl is experiencing many firsts, and it's all happening so quickly! It's been amazing sharing all of these special moments with her, and we are so lucky to have such a beautiful, happy, and healthy little girl!

She was such a trooper while having her hair cut by Grandma Mill on Sunday! Although, she wasn't quite sure what was going on so she kept trying to watch the scissors as grandma was trying to cut her hair! Grandma ended up cutting about an inch, and it turned out perfect. As you can see in the "before" picture, it was getting a little straggley on top!

She looked so big and grown up in her cape.


And, of course, we have it saved in a little bag so we can remember it forever!


11 Months

Oh my...seriously? 11 months? Why does it go by so quick? I actually don't mind that she is growing because I have loved every minute of watching our sweet baby learn and grow, but I worry that because it goes so quickly, I won't take it all in and enjoy every little moment...but, I'm trying.

Jaiya is changing so much. Her little personality is shining through more than ever, and her little temper tantrums are nothing less than expected for being a little girl!

Here are some new updates @ 11 months:

She blows kisses...

She walks around saying "Mmm-wah" (kisses)

She says "Hush"

She can say "Shhhhhh" while holder her finger to her lips

She is STILL in size 3 diapers

She had her first haircut

She wants to eat ANYTHING & EVERYTHING you eat...

She loves sips of Mommy's Dt.D.P.

After 2 nights of letting her cry, she goes right to bed without fussing...or she plays in her crib til she is ready to sleep

She still loves Dora and other cartoons!

She, according to our scale, weighs 23 lbs!

She has her little moments of being Hyper and bounces and hops all over the floor while giggling! It's absolutely adorable!

She has been on Whole Milk for about 2 months, so far so good!

She gets shy around BIG groups of people she doesn't know...so UNLIKE her Momma!

She loves Kezi. Kezi isn't so sure about Jaiya still, but..she's coming along.

She HAS to destroy the same kitchen drawer every single day...the one full of tape, phonebooks, and other junk.

Such a big girl..she can walk with her walker toy!

Our "Spook-tacular" Halloween;)

Jaiya's 1st Halloween was perfect. She was the most adorable/tired "Witch" I have ever seen. As soon as I got off work, we got Jaiya dressed up, and started making the rounds. And by rounds, I mean visiting EVERYONE we could within a few hours....before bedtime that is. Mom and Jer have made it tradition to have dinner at their house on Halloween night...it is always so nice to see everyone that can make it...Otherwise, there are just too many places to go in 1 night, and we wouldn't be able to see all the kids' "Spooky" and "Adorable" costumes!Mom let me wear her "Devil" costume for a few pics;)

What a cute smile;)

Riding her broomstick...hee hee hee heeeeeee


Our little "Witches"....Kassie wasn't too sure about the pictures...;)

Two scared lil' "Jailbirds!"

Chase and Brant! Love Brant's scary face...

Jaiya and Aunt Chas!
With Grandma Stewie! Jaiya was SO scared because Brant and Chase were standing in front of her... Jaiya & Wyatt eating some candy!

We made a quick stop by Grandma and Grandpa Grossenbacher's. We wish we could have made it to ALL of our grandparents...:(
All in all, Jaiya's 1st Halloween was an absolute success. Although EXTREMELY tired, she was such a trooper. I can't believe Halloween has already come and gone, but so excited for the Holiday's, and Jaiya's BIG 1ST BIRTHDAY. Only 1 month away! (not sure how I feel about that...)