Sunday, February 10, 2008


Hey Everyone! Just a little bit about Dustin and I: We got married on March 10, 2007, just about a year ago! I cannot believe how fast time goes by. Dustin is currently working for Platinum Protection, selling security systems during the summer. We are living in Ephraim, where he is also attending Snow College, and hoping to get some sort of business degree. (unless he changes his mind again!) He loves the Jazz, and wouldn't miss a game for anything! Dustin loves to stays active with sports and some good ole' Guitar Hero!
I, on the other hand, am just staying home, cooking, cleaning, and slavin' away, until we move somewhere where i can finish my schooling. I am going to get my license as an Aesthetician. I have stayed busy babysitting, and just hanging out with family and friends. Livin' the dream!
Dustin and I have the cutest puppy, a shorkie, named Kezi! She is so much fun! We have wanted a dog for the longest time, so last September he bought her for me. I have loved having her around to play with, take for walks, and I love to dress her up! Something Dustin doesn't like very much.
Other than that, I will keep posting the latest, and I cannot wait to read what everyone else is up to! Bye