Saturday, May 30, 2009

Taking In the Rays!

Unfortunately I did not make it to the Capitol and the White House yesterday! Dustin and I had been talking about going together since we moved out here, and I thought I would keep my word and lay poolside instead!
It was a great day! Allayna, Tiffany and I spent 4 hours at the pool. Up until yesterday, the weather had been in the 60's and 70's, but yesterday were in the 80's! Perfect for that summer glow!

After that, I came home, and watched the movie "French Kiss" with Meg Ryan! It was so cute! I have never seen it before, but thanks to my trusty Netflix account (thanks court for telling me about it. I LOVE IT) I am now able to watch movie after movie...and you know how I LOVE movies!

The guys had met their Saturday incentive to go see a movie so we all went to Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian! Us girls already had been about a week ago, but I was so glad I could see it again! It is so funny! I never saw the first one, so that is definitely on my list of movies to watch!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Welocome to D.C

I must say, D.C has been anything but dull! Everyday is a vacation, and that is fine with me!;) It has been so much, and I just LOVE all of the girls out here with us! Everyone is so great!
Arleen (the teacher I worked with), and her family are visiting D.C for the week, so Allayna and I met up with them for some lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe! (The Haystack salad is AMAZING, I am so glad I got to go back!) It was so much fun getting to see them! I missed them so much, and it is always nice to have some visitors! I loved working with Arleen and her mom, they are always so much fun to be around! Arleen's little boy Garrett was in our class, and I had to laugh when Arleen told me that he said, "I wonder if Matasha's hair will be different again?" The little guy knows me well...;) Thanks again guys for lunch!

Lane, Aubrey, Garrett, and Korianne!

Getting ready to eat our lunch!!! Mmmm

I was trying to get a picture of Arla falling to sleep, but she woke up and gave me a smile! Thanks Arla!

Arleen's kids" Aubrey, Korianne, and Lane! They are so funny!

Garrett was all tuckered out from all the walking they had done that morning! Cute!

This was on our way to lunch, we wanted a metro picture!!!ha

This is a better picture of the house where Lincoln died. It's across the street from the Hard Rock so I thought I would get a picture of the whole thing while I was there!

Allayna and I went in to the souvenir shop for some t-shirts, and we got a little side-tracked taking pictures of the high-fashion clothes they sell there! And, yes, I know, I look like a dork! ha Allayna is still gorgeous even with a goofy hat on!

This is for you MOM! Love you!

Our Patriotic Shades! (I have no idea how people see out of these...)

From Patriotic to Gangsta

This castle/church thing is so gorgeous! I love that old Gothic style of architecture! I had to get a picture to show you all!

We took the metro going the wrong way on the ride home!...Darn, but we only went two or three stops in the wrong direction so, it could have been worse!

Inside the Metro! Whoever thought of this system is amazing!

As most of you know, I LOVE MOVIES! It is my favorite thing to go out to the movie and eat popcorn, and sip on a diet coke! A few of us girls have been so excited for the movie "UP" to come out, and today was opening day!!! Allayna and I got off the metro, and went to the apartments to pick up Courtney, and off we went to the movie theater! I absolutely love the humor of Disney and Pixar movies! If you get a chance, you HAVE to see this one! The little boy Russell is so cute and chubby, I just wanted to take him home with bad he just an animation:(

Waiting for the movie to start!

This theater was HUGE!

Court and Allayna!!!

Tomorrows post: the Capitol and the White House! Yay!

Monday, May 25, 2009

So much to see...

The past week and a half I have stayed very busy sight seeing and hanging out with the girls! It has been so much fun, and I am loving D.C! Last week the wifey's all went to D.C to the zoo! I love going to the zoo, but somehow I never wear comfortable shoes to go out and about...stupid, I know! But at the time, I figure I would rather be uncomfortable than have to find another outfit to wear...But aside from my sore and aching feet, it was a blast! We saw so many fun animals!

The Giant Panda we waited in line to see...and it was sleeping! ha

This Gorilla just had a baby a few days before we came, and yes, was lactating! ha

Our next wonderful adventure was to the Ford theater where President Lincoln was assassinated. It was the bicentennial of Lincolns death so that week they were having lots of plays in remembrance of him. There was a play that we got tickets to called "Lincoln in Love." It was so so good! The actors just spoke in microphones, and you still got the same affect as you would if they had all the props and costumes! We loved it!

This is the house that is across from Ford's Theater where Lincoln went to died after he was shot.

On Saturday, Tiffany invited me to go with her, her mom (Tammy), and her sister (Taylor) to D.C to some Smithsonian's, Chinatown, and a little shopping of course! We went to two Smithsonians; The Museum of Natural History, and The Museum of American History. I especially loved the American History Museum because history has always fascinated me. Next we decided we were dying of starvation, so we took the metro to Metro Center and had lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe. There, we indulged in the best "smoothie thing" EVER,(I have no idea what it was called) and a wonderful salad! After lunch, we walked to Chinatown for a little shopping, and then headed to the Pentagon City mall! Of course, I was being the smart person that I am, and wore my wedges to go spend the day walking...not a good idea...again! Thanks girls for such a fun day!

The view in every direction from where I was standing...
The Washington Monument

The Museum of Natural History

The Capitol

And... the Smithsonian Castle with Taylor and Tammy!

The day before a bunch of us went to the movie Night at the Museum (the new one) and I learned so much from that movie. I remembered this dinosaur, and so many other characters from the movie.

The shoes Dorothy wore in The Wizard of Oz! I love that movie!

Mmmm Mmmm Good!

And last, but not least...A Memorial Day full of excitement! Allayna, Courtney, and I were so excited the day finally arrived that we could lay by the pool, and take in the rays! Up until today the pool has been closed. It doesn't get warm as quickly as it did in Missouri and Texas. After about an hour the rain clouds were rolling in, and we were forced to leave the pool early :( Allayna and I were craving Chipotle earlier in the day so we went there for lunch. On the way there it started to rain drastically! We were soaked just going from the car to building! On our way home, we were amazed to see how bad the storm really was. There were cars that could barely drive down the road, cars that were stuck, and cars that were turning around because they wouldn't make it through all of the water. Luckily, Allayna and I were in her jeep which has a lift-kit on we stayed pretty clear from the flooding! What an exciting Memorial Day it ended up to be!

This poor man's car broke down from all the water. He got out and was walking up the street with his two dogs in his arms!:( sad...