Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I've jumped on the bandwagon

With the movie being released this month, and all of the hype I've heard from friends, family and co-workers about this book, I am finally going to break down and read it. Ok, I've actually been dying to read it, but I have been SO busy with my last semester of school I haven't let myself read it. I know myself well enough to know that I will choose entertainment over education when I'm this burnt out from school! Hmm Did I just admit that?

While we are on the subject of exciting new things, I have to post that "Fashion Star" premiers tonight, "The Missing" premiers Thursday, and "Dancing with the Stars" premiers Monday, and "Awake" and "AI" have already premiered! Holy moly...It's gonna take an army to get me away from the couch during this season! Well, an army or a cute lil' toddler! Either way, my DVR is gonna be hoppin' for the next little while! Not good considering I have boards to study for...

Well, we are headed to Vegas Monday for our annual Anniversary trip. 5 years! Can you believe it!? That means we have been together for 9 years this year! Woo-eee! I've loved every minute of it, and fall more and more in love with my sexy husband every day! I'll soon post pics of our trip and all the other things we have been up to!