Thursday, December 10, 2009


First and foremost....ANATOMY IS OVER!!! Yay for me! I took my final today, and despite difficulties with my tire blowing up on my way to class, I am so happy to be done for good! ...sigh...

I finally have a few things to post...

Josh and Allayna came down last Sunday to BBQ. It was delish! We had hamburgers, brats, and Josh's pasta salad;) After dinner, we watched Four Christmases, went for a ride to look at Christmas lights, sat in the hot tub for a little while, and due to overheating, we decided to go to Denny's for some dessert! (and...I won't lie, I ate... again!!!) When we got back to our house, Allayna and I painted our nails and we all visited before Josh and Alley had to head home! Thanks guys for the fun night!!!

Mom and Jerry invited us again to the NFR this year in Vegas! What a great Christmas present! We were supposed to go down for Saturday nights rodeo thru Tuesday night, but due to a change in my class schedule, we drove down Monday after my class for the last 2 nights. The rodeo is so good every year. We had fun shopping, going to the movie, gambling and eating;)

Arriving at our hotel...

After our first night at the rodeo, we went to the movie The Blind Side. SO.DARN.GOOD! Loved it! Dustin thought since we were the only people in the theater that he could just kick back and relax! ha

We went shopping at Cowboy Marketplace at Mandalay Bay! We found some fun things! I love the fun places to shop during the NFR!

Mom and Jerry! At Cowboy Marketplace!

Dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse

Tip of that hat...

Of course, Dustin gambled...This is him playing Keno when we were out for ice cream after the rodeo;)

And, the end to our trip...Goodbye Vegas, hello -15 degree weather....;(
Can't wait for next year...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


One thing that I LOVE about blogging, is your blog is another form of "You!" You can say what you think, how you feel, what you are doing, who you are spending your time with...It says so much about who you really are...No one has to read it, no one gets the oppertunity to judge you (face to face at least), and anyone that spends the time to read it discovers the true "You!" What a spectacular thing...

On that note, I must take a minute to vent: You may scroll past this paragraph if you don't want to hear it! Another great thing about blogging;)
I feel, along with every other student on the planet, BOMBARDED with things to do...I can hardly think straight! I had my Lab Final today, I have quiz AND a TEST tomorrow and Thursday, I need to get my Applications to each hospital and Weber done AND in ASAP, I have a group final Monday, the NFR Monday night and Tuesday night, my class final next Thursday, I have job shadowing to do, and watchbands to keep up on...(not complaining about the last one!!! So much fun!!!) Ahhhhhhhh...Too much! I am trying to keep myself positive and motivated about school, but good grief it is so hard to do sometimes...there, I am finished...thank you!

Now, I just wanted to share that we had a FANTASTIC Thanksgiving this year! I do believe that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday...No one has to buy presents, family and friends get together to talk and reminisce, and everyone takes the time to recognize what they are thankful for in life! I love it!

We had Thanksgiving dinner at my Mom and Jer's this year...SO GOOD! Thanks mom! We ate, watched 4 Christmases (so funny), and ate some more before heading out to Grandma Linda's to see my dad! This is the one holiday he almost always makes it here for! It was so nice to see him;) He was hilarious with my little cousin Kort...they were fighting like Kung Fu Panda!!! ha ha

I will post pictures asap...I didn't have my camera so I have to steal them from Mom first!!!;) Love you all...;)