Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Having gratitude is something I try to do every day. For something big or something little. I'm grateful for so much. I realize how much the Lord has blessed me and my family with, and that we have everything we could ever need and then some. I'm forever grateful that my family and I are healthy, safe and happy. Something I thank Him for every night. That is everything to me. I really reflected this Thanksgiving on all that we really have; careers we're happy in that allow us to support our family, 2 beautiful healthy kids, a warm place to live, family that lives close, the gospel, and so much more. (don't worry that I almost added Soda Barn in to that mix. It keeps me alive!)

Dustin was scheduled to work on Thanksgiving this year, and since it was our year to go to his parent's house, they rescheduled Thanksgiving for that Saturday instead. That way we could all be there.

So, since the Johnson Thanksgiving was postponed til the end of the week, me and the kids decided to go to Mom and Jerry's on Thanksgiving Day. I love Thanksgiving, but I wasn't looking forward to Dustin having to work. And to my surprise, he called the day before and told me that the duty captain gave him the day off!

I was so grateful to have my whole family together.

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