Tuesday, June 15, 2010

4 Months

I am 16 weeks, and LOVING it!
Our baby is the size of an avocado.
I am finally exercising again...going for 3 mile walks 6 days a week!

I feel great.

We go in for our next appointment on the 24th, and we get to schedule our ultrasound to see what we are having!





As for us, Dustin really wants a girl, and I truly just want a healthy baby... but, I have had a feeling since the beginning that it is in fact, a girl!
Doc thinks so too!

Pregnancy Symptoms:

I felt the baby for the first time about 3 days ago!...Indescribable!

No more throwing up! Fewww...

I am still repulsed by chicken, but not all meat.

I LOVE slushies.

I am not as tired, but I do get worn out easy.

My pants are definitely getting tighter.

I can feel my body changing: my hips ache at night, my back hurts, and my shoulders are extremely tense.

Thanks to my sweet husband, the back aches don't last long...

We still cannot believe that we are gonna be parents in 5 months!!! It's been the most exciting thing that has ever happened to either of us. Dustin and I are both impatient, so this baby could not get here fast enough! I am dying to start on the nursery, so...as of now, I am just looking forward to finding out what we are having...YAY!