Friday, August 26, 2011

Oh for the love....

of Decorating.

I think I need to simmer down a little on the re-doing...It seems to be monthly at this point, and I can see it in Dustin's eyes that he is about ready to put me on a strict NO NEW IDEAS diet! But, I think he is extremely happy with the outcome of our new kitchen.

Just a little explanation for my need to feed my addiction:

Rest of the house=warm colors

Kitchen=cold colors


kitchen - needs warm colors to match the rest of the house.


No exaggeration, I went through about 200 shades of blue before I decided on this one! This pic makes it look a little more on the blue/blue side, and it's actually like a dusty turquoise/blue. Therefore, it blends with my turquoise in my living room.

Notice my new table? I LOVE it. This pic only shows 5 chairs cause #6 is on it's way.
Chair #6 that's on it's way looks like this one... I about died over the legs...I am a sucker for detail like this!



Fell in love with this...I HAD to have it! (of course)

And here's a pic of the entry-way. It used to be tan but I painted it a yellow-ish mustard color to set it apart from the living room...
I also painted 1 wall brown in my living room...I wanted the entertainment center to POP!

And I dry-brushed my brown mirror with some turquoise to give it more of the rustic look I like!

Now you see I have an addiction...I need to slow down a hopefully school keeps me busy (or better yet, entertained) long enough to take a break from decorating.

P.S. Jaiya is now crawling...just a few little steps then she plops on her belly & she got her first front tooth on the top right!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

8 Months

Boy, 8 months has come fast! I can't believe my baby is getting big so quick, but every new step is so much fun. I love watching her grow and learn new things.

Jaiya Facts:

24 1/2 in. long

21 lbs.

12 months clothes

size 2 shoe

Jaiya says, " Dada" (1st word), "Mamma", "Hi", "Ba ba", and "Pa pa"!

She scoots on her bum across the floor to play with the DVD player/XBOX!

She wakes us up by yelling, "DA DA..DA DA...DA DA..." It's so cute!

She can stay up on all fours, but doesn't crawl just yet...scooting must be cutting it for now!

She loves her cartoons! They could entertain her for hours!

She has 2 bottom teeth!

Gives kisses.

Eats ice out of our mouths. It's hilarious.

Pinches your face. Fingernails or not it HURTS!

Bounces on her bum til she almost stands up! ha ha. Sometimes it's a little too hard and she lands on her face:(

Goes right to bed when we put her in her crib.

We love our little Jijjy-bug!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Part 2

Picnic at the Park.
I love this picture of everyone. It was such a fun day, and much needed time altogether. Love my family...

(I love how this picture turned out!)

Picture made out of flowers!

Le Reve at the WYNN! A-MAZING! The best show I have been to in Vegas!

Our inner strippers came out while walking the strip after the show...;)


Poor Whit! ha ha. Cari had sore feet from her high heels so he was such a gentlemen and carried her back!;)

Comedy show at the Riviera.

Our 5 star Hotel on the strip........the Vdara!

The view...

See you again in October Vegas!....;) Counting down the days!