Monday, February 6, 2012

Jaiya- 14 months

It's been a while since I have posted any news about our little princess. So, even though 14 months is a random time, I've gotta share how smart and funny our little toddler is!
Jaiya is growing in every way... learning & exploring is a daily routine, and she is keeping mom and dad on their toes! It seems like I clean up one thing, and turn around only to find that I have a new mess to clean up. Our house is head to toe in toys, hot pads (random, but a fave), and books at ALL times. Only at 8 o'clock, after putting her to bed, can I finally clean and have an hour or so of a clutter-free house. Contrary to how it may seem, the house is much more enjoyable when it has been torn apart...;)
Our once, peaceful, quiet & drama free little girl, has now found those vocal cords. She knows if she belts out a screeching scream, we will come runnin'. It's at home when she wants a "cacka"(cracker), in the grocery store, at church or wherever she decides it's necessary. Church has to top the cake of the most embarrassing places, though. Dustin had to take her out this past Sunday, and he said he decided to read an article on the Internet about how to discipline a 1 year old. Come to find out, they don't know what the crap you are doing if you slap their hand, tell them no, or put them in time out. So, you're only option is to distract them. I had to laugh that he was so embarrassed that he thought he needed some outside help on parenting...hee hee.
But, I have to say, she is still the most loving little girl I have ever been around. She gives hugs and pats your back while saying, "Awwww." Then she gives kisses and says, "Mmmmm-aw." It melts my heart. I love it. She will love on anyone, and finds that every one is fun to talk to. It takes us longer in Wal Mart nowadays due to our social daughter.

Fun facts:
She is in a size 4 shoe. (actually a 3 but her chubby little feet don't fit very well.)
In 12-18 mo. clothes
Not sure on weight or height, but I will update after her March appointment.
Her hair is getting so long. It's so fun to do;)
She loves her baths, her sippy, her puppy Kez, her baby, cell phones, food, and rides in the car.
She LOVES to give Kez her puppy treat after she has went potty outside.
If Kezi barks, she says, "Uh-oh, Kez."
She is a Dancing Queen & adores music!
She will push any button she sees. It's so intriguing for her.
She goes to bed at 8 and wakes up at 7:30 or 8.
She cannot get enough of books. She would have you read to her all day long if you could.
She has 8 teeth, including 1 molar.
She loves to shop like her Mamma!
She pretty much runs now, she walks everywhere, and loves to be chased!
She loves to have her belly, head, arms and legs and face tickled.
She is on ONLY sippy cups, and has been since her 12 month doctor's appointment.
She eats whatever we do. No more baby food.
She plays in my nail polish container, and has dropped and broke a bottle of my pink polish all over the slate in our bathroom! ha ha
She plays in the water over the edge of the tub while I bath.

Jaiya speaks SO much now. She will repeat anything you say... but the most frequent are-
Na na
Hi guys!
Ba ba-(bottle)
No no
Kank ku-(thank you)
Bye bye-(this little girl LOVES to go for rides just like her Mommy and Daddy!)
Butt-(if she sees one of my bra's she always says "butt" and it is HILARIOUS!
And, excuse the language but she has learned "Shit." Daddy accidentally said it when changing a poopy diaper...
I'm sure I'm forgetting some because as I said before she will repeat whatever you say, but those are a few...

Fewww...the older she gets the more I have to share!