Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Are a girls best friend!

When Dustin and I were picking out my wedding ring, I wasn't very fond of adding a band with it. Well, that didn't last long. About a year later, I changed my mind, and decided I DO want a band. Dust told me that maybe I could get one for our 5 year Anniversary. I agreed to that idea...

Well, in March it will be 5 years, and I got my gift a little early...(Christmas/5 year Anniversary!)

After taking a very dreaded test, and studying/stressing myself to near death, Dustin wanted to cheer me up...I came home from Salt Lake, and he told me he had a suprise for our Anniversary..."Our Anniversary? It's not til March! We haven't even had Christmas yet!" (Dustin is HORRIBLE with suprises;) After debating the rest of the day whether or not he should tell me, thinking he probably couldn't get my wedding ring to Shane Co. without me knowing so he could find a band himself, he decided to tell me. He went and got the laptop, pulled up Anniversary bands on, covered my eyes, and when I opened them...

Boy was I suprised!

I honestly didn't even think he remembered that he had told me that nearly 4 years ago!

So, when we went up to visit Lily and Rolf at their condo (on the 23rd), we made a stop at the Shane Co. on the way, and I picked out a band! Not thinking I would get it that day, Dustin told them we would take it, and they had it ready the following Tuesday! (yesterday) I LOVE IT.

Thanks babe.

I truly am married to the best husband ever!

We wish you a Merry Christmas....

Looks like Santa came...

Daddy had to work Christmas Eve and Christmas day, so we had to make the most of what little time we had with him in between! Jaiya and I ate breakfast and picked up the house a little bit, and then we finally woke dad up (ALOT earlier than we usually do) around 10a.m. We were so excited to see what Santa had brought Jaiya!

I had to snap a pic of Jaiya right when she woke up...Look at that hair!

Whoa! Jaiya must have been REALLY good this year! She got so many presents for Christmas and her Birthday, her room is over-flowing with toys! It was so cute, every present she opened she would take a deep breath in, and say "Ooooh...."!!! ha ha

Grandma and Papa came to watch her open her gifts!

Playing at Grandma Bernitta's!!!

Merry Christmas!

It's the MOST wonderful time of the year....

Mecham Family Christmas Party 2011

Poor Jaiya was SO sick. I had woke her up from a nap just before leaving for the party, and she had a fever of a 102! By that night it was up to 104:( Needless to say, she struggled a little bit to stay happy during the party, so we left a little bit early.

It makes me feel bad to sit her on Santa's lap when she is this mortified of him:(

Christmas Eve with Grandma and Papa Johnson

Every year, the Johnson side of our family gets together on Christmas Eve to exchange gifts. It's became a fun tradition. I know when I was little I would have given ANYTHING to open a present on Christmas Eve!;)

Jaiya LOVES Papa!

Grandma Candi opening her gifts;)

Jaiya LOVED her presents!
Her new pony

Opening presents is exhausting...she fell fast asleep on Aunt Chas!

Christmas Eve Party at Grandma and Papa Mason's

Jaiya's Santa pictures all look the same! She isn't his biggest fan...:( ha ha
Getting her books from Grandma and Papa!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Our Little "Tweet-heart" turned 1...

On December 1.

This past year has been the best year of our lives.

We have been blessed with a beautiful, healthy, happy, friendly, & loving little girl.

I cannot even begin to tell you what a blessing she has been to both Dustin and I.

We love you Jijjy-Bug;)

Because of Dustin's work schedule, we celebrated her Birthday with a few friends and LOTS of family on December 2(contrary to what the invite says). She has SO many people in her life that love her so much, and she was SPOILED rotten with gifts! We have absolutely NO room for all of her toys, and she is only 1...;)

Tiffany Jackson made her adorable cake, and daddy drew that picture of her...

She must not like to get her hands dirty. That, or she was just being stubborn. She wouldn't dig into her cake during her cake smash pictures, or her Birthday party...

Not having it...

Jaiya Facts:

She weighs 23lbs.

She is 90th percentile in weight.

And 75th in height.

She repeats anything you ask her to...she can talk SO good.

She loves to go for rides and will tell me, "Mama, bye bye." She always needs to be on the go.

She loves to rip up our phone book.

She loves "Cacks." (Crackers)

She loves to give hugs and pat your back.

She LOVES the bath.

She can make a mess in two seconds flat...such a busy lil' girl!

She has 6 teeth.

She started calling me "Tash." I don't know where it came from, but I came home one day and she said, "Hi, Tash!"

She started walking!!!!!!!!!!! (although she could take a step, she started taking like 7 or more steps on the 5th or 6th of December, while Dustin and I were at the NFR)

I cannot believe the 1st year went by so quickly...but what an amazing time we have had...;)

(Invite & 1 year pics by Krista Schaugaard)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas With the Grossenbacher's

We celebrated Christmas with Lily & Rolf @ the end of November. They spend the holidays at their condo in Salt Lake so we celebrate extra early. They always spoil us rotten...of course. And notice the cute "shoe ring holders" that they got me. They know I LOVE shoes...;)

Lily got the giggles...;)

Jaiya got a turtle for Christmas!!!

Happy Holidays EVERYONE! Xo

Monday, December 12, 2011

Jaiya, Meet Santa...

We (Daddy, Mommy & of course Grandma) took Jaiya to meet Santa at JJWD a couple of weeks ago, and let's just say...They aren't the best of friends...yet!

She didn't know what to think of him, as soon as she laid eyes on him she started clinging to my shirt.

Poor thing! Look how excited she was at Grandma's before...

All of these "new" experiences are so much fun...whether they go well or not;)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Family Pictures.

I know we got family pics not too long ago, but I decided since we were getting Jaiya's 1 year pictures we would do some more family ones for Christmas cards! Here are a few of my favorites:

Thanks Krista!
Picture This! Photography By Krista Schaugaard.