Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dinner and Jazz Game

Yesterday was Dustin's junior Jazz team's last game, (which they won!) and we all celebrated by going to the Jazz game against the New Jersey Nets! (yes, the Jazz won too!) Their are several junior Jazz teams, and a lot of the players and their families from Salina made it up to the game! Before the game, we had dinner with Luke, Mariah, Dave, JaRelle, and the 2 babies at Rodizio Grill in the Trolley Square mall to discuss "selling" this next summer! Mmmm, it was delish!!!

Waiting patiently to eat...;)

Me and my handsome hub!

We snuck down, like we always do, to sit in the lower bowl with the Platinum crew! Much better seats than the 19th row of the upper bowl! ha ha
Dust and Luke before we headed home!
The coaching doesn't stop here for Dustin, he has been asked to coach the 8th grade boys travelling team... He is going to stay pretty busy with practices Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and games Tuesdays and Thursdays! He has loved it so far, and I am so excited that he is able to do something he loves!
Also, we were called today to teach the 7 and 8 year old primary class! Yay! This is our first calling in our home ward. We taught primary in Texas, and we really enjoyed being with the kids! I love primary!!! Wish us luck!;)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Living Room -N- Bedroom

Woohoo! Look at me go! I am already updating for the 2nd time this week!....

Dustin and I were out to buy a coffee table, and ended up ordering a living room set, so...that was our Christmas and our living room is now DONE!!! Well, I am waiting to get a few things, but for the most part it's finished!;)

As I mentioned in the last post, we did some more painting in our bedroom! I LOVE it! Thanks Zach and Tiff for your help! Love ya!!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Our last couple months in review...

First and foremost....I CUT MY HAIR!!! I have been obsessed with short hair lately;) So...I took the plunge and cut 7 inches off! Change is always fun, and I love it!!!

New Years Resolution: UPDATE my blog more frequently!!!!;)
Once you start procrastinating, it is
easier to just keep putting it off becasause
the list just gets LONGER and LONGER!...
So long as there are pictures to post, I will
post once a week! There, I said that
it's out there, it will happen! (hopefully;)

Before I go in to all of our holiday details, I just want to say that my applications for the Radiology program are all handed I am just waiting as patiently as I can to hear whether or not they accept me into the program. According to other students I won't hear a thing until April...lovely:(


Christmas is always such a great time of year to spend time with family, but it is also the best time of year for church programs, music, food, shopping, movies, ect...I LOVE it!

This year our Mecham family Christmas party was such a blast. We played some HILARIOUS games...a little PG-13 rated, but SO funny! After coming full cirlce, we now have a zillion little kids running around at our Christmas parties like we did when us grandkids were younger, and that makes it so much more fun!

My mom and brothers....;)

I love my Brylee

sis, me, and Nicki
I love my sis!!!

Houston was TERRIFIED of Santa:(

Christmas Eve was busy as always. We made it to Dustin's parents' house to open gifts, to Richfield for dinner/Santa at Grandma Dona's, to Venice to visit at Grandma Linda and Grandpa Clark's, and to Axtell to watch Grandma Neeber open presents.

After all of that, we headed over to mom and Jer's to spend the night. Cole, Heather and Brylee (aka. Bryles) stayed there too, so we had a blast waking up early (like old times) to watch Bryles open presents, and see what Santa brought her!!! It just isn't the same without little ones there, so thanks to them we had a FANTASTIC Christmas morning!

Bry and Grandma and Grandpa

Showin' me her new horse!!!

We aren't exactly morning people...ha ha

Opening presents!!!

His coveralls are a little big...;)

Mom opening presents from Jer!

Bry loved her new toy... did I!!!

Look at that cute face!!!

Giving Uncle Dustin loves!!!

After opening presents, and playing with Bryles' toys, my mom and Jer did as they do every year, and made a YUMMY breakfast! Mmmmm Then we rode over to Kayla and Brady's to see what the kids got!

Had and Houston got a new puppy...GATOR!!!

Love this little guy...look at that outfit!!!

I L.O.V.E this picture!

Brylee's first baby doll!

Kayla got a kareoke machine...YAY!


We went sledding a couple times the past month. The first time we went with some of my cousins, aunts and uncles on the Mecham side, and the second time it was me, Dust, mom, Jer, and Brady and Kayla's family!!!



Wow, what a fun, crazy night we had...John and Markell were kind enough to invite us over to their house this year. They also invited one other couple, Matt and Kaycie Dyreng...We had the best time EVER playing all sorts of fun games, having dinner, and LAUGHING!

Markell, Me, and Kaycie

Playing "Zip-Bong"...Hilarious!

Kaycie's face playing the game!...You aren't supposed to laugh so needless to say, I lost every time!

New Year's Eve Kiss!!!


I turned 23 on January 2nd. The years are just flyin' by!;) My mom was so sweet and took me shopping, to the movie "Did you hear about the Morgans?" and to dinner!!! It was the best~ Thanks Mamma Ers


My friend Tiff came to visit me during Christmas break! I missed her so much! Before this day I hadn't seen her in a year!!! She is leaving for Iraq in March, and I am SO proud of her! She is such a strong, amazing person! Thanks Tiff for all you do for me, and our country! Love you!

Dave, JaRelle, and little miss Peyton came down so we all went out to dinner at El Mex. Afterwards, us girlies visited while the guys played XBOX...go figure!!!;) They live in Idaho, so it's always fun when they are able to come down!!! Love you guys!!!

Zach and Tiff were coming down for a vet appoitment so they stayed at our house for a night! We never seem to be too great at keeping in touch during the guys' off season for selling, so this was rather monumental for us!;) We went out to eat and....unfortunately for Zach and Tiff, we painted my bedroom! It wasn't in the plans, but after seeing how cool it looks to stain your walls in Zach and Tiff's house pictures, we decided to do it to my bedroom! It turned out GREAT! Thanks guys! I owe you!!!

Sorry Zach!:( ha ha

A week later, Luke took the the guys down to Mesquite for the weekend to relax, golf and get massages. So, Tiff and I decided to get together again...YAY...We had fun just hanging out, eating, shopping (what we do best), and watching movies! It was so much fun to get to see Tiff and her two puppies Brig and Taz!;) Kezi loved the company too!!!;)

Just for the record, we saw them 1 more time a few days later up at their new house in Bountiful! It is so cute, they have done a GREAT job!!!


School started again January 8th. I am taking Physiology twice a week...the lecture class is 3 hours once a week, and the lab is 2 hours once a week. So far, I am a little overwhelmed, (ok ALOT), but I am going to work my tushy off to get a good's my last class til I start the Radiology program! WOOT WOOT!


Happy Anniversary to Jace and Kim today!!! Jace and Kim decided to go to dinner to celebrate so Dustin and I got to hang out with my ADORABLE nephews! They are always SO good and easy to tend! I laugh so hard at the funny things they say, and at them "trying" to play Dustin's XBOX. They don't understand so whenever they lose they get all excited and shout "I WON, I WON!!!" Ha ha.

Fewww....Next time I will get caught up a lot sooner! Then maybe it won't take me 3 days to blog!!!;)