Monday, January 24, 2011


Well, our little bundle of joy has taken on the name of "PUNKIN." I guess nicknames are my thing, but I never expected for that to be hers...It just comes natural for me to say it. stuck.

Punkin has grown and changed SO much.
She now:
At about 3 weeks of age, she started smiling, and she smiles SO much.
She started coo-ing at about a month.
She still has ALL of her hair. (even in the back)
She has pooped and pee'd on our bed about a dozen times. And even though she is tiny and only drinking milk, she manages to really make a mess!
She has an appetite like her Mamma (as her daddy says). She at times eats 8 oz. in one feeding. I am still nursing, but I have to supplement with formula or milk that I have pumped at work, because I just can't keep her full.
She loves when Mommy or Daddy bounces and rocks her to sleep.
She get's up once or twice a night. Thank goodness, because Mamma doesn't function very well on no sleep. I might as well be a walking, ornery zombie...
She loves her hair tickled.
She LOVES baths.
As of January 12th she weighed about 12lbs. She has grown so much.
She has hummed herself to sleep since she was only a few weeks old.
She recognizes Mommy and Daddy's voices.
She is such a pleasant baby. She doesn't fuss unless she is hungry. She just chills, and goes with the flow. Even in the middle of the night when she wakes up she doesn't cry. I just hear her in her bassinet coo-ing and making noises, and I know she is awake and ready to eat. I have tried waiting for her to fuss, but she is just barely getting to the point where she will fuss to eat. I asked the doctor a while back if it was normal that she didn't cry. He just simply said, "You just have a very good baby!" Yes I do!

She had her first sleepover with Hadlee and Houston Saturday night. I love this pic. She cheesed it for the camera...she has only had a zillion pictures since she was born...she is definitely a pro now!

Same day. They went to grandma's house for a bit while their Mommy's went out to dinner!

Saturday, January 8, 2011


"God is the designer of the family. "
Gordon B. Hinckley

No words can describe the feeling of being a mother.
She makes my heart full
and life so much brighter.
Love you baby girl.
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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's that time of year...

To make New Year's Resolutions.

I have to be honest, usually when I set "goals" it only lasts for about a week. Then I just don't care anymore, or I get sick of worrying about it.

So...this year, here are my resolutions: (my 1st resolutions to be exact, I have never done this before)

1. Lose this baby weight. I haven't been too hard on myself so far, considering it's only been a little over a month since I had the baby, but getting back in shape is definitely something I am going to do. Winter is hard, cause you can't go outside to work out, and if you live in a small town, gyms just aren't available! Thank goodness for ZUMBA! It is so fun, and I plan on starting back up once I hit my 6 week mark. Only a week to go!

2.Not procrastinating. I haven't always been a procrastinator. But, as I have gotten older, adn more laid back, it just crept up on me. It only causes more stress, and that is one thing I want less of now that I am a new mommy, going to school, and working...
This applies to all areas: Laundry, dishes, grocery shopping, school, church callings, etc. This one will probably take some practice and LOTS of discipline...wish me luck.

3.Cooking. I actually really enjoy cooking. But, I hardly ever cook. It costs a lot to make really yummy recipes for just the 2 of us, and left-overs just go to waste. And quite frankly, I am too lazy half of the time! ;)

4.Getting places on time. This too is something I picked up over the years. Mainly cause of Dustin. (sorry babe) But, he just doesn't stress about getting anywhere early. I used to. Then I found it easier to conform to his ways, and now I am the same way. Not good, I know. This especially applies to church. It seems like we are ALWAYS late for church. I don't know what it is, but I am bound and determined to fix it.

And last but not least:

5. Less spending. I love to shop, I love pop, I love to eat, I love going to the movies...and the list just gets longer. All things I love to do, seem to cost money;) I think a nice tight budget is just the cure. Okay, not too tight. I just need to cut back. Summer time is less expensive, cause there is more to do outdoors, and things that I love to do that are free come with warm weather: four-wheeling, cabin, hiking, riding bikes, walks, the lake...So...either it needs to be summer all year round or I need to make a change...hmmm.

Well, I am going to do my best at keeping my 1st New Year's resolutions;) Hopefully they last more than a week!

I am now...

The big 2-4!
This year I was spoiled with new shoes, perfume (some from Dust and some from his parents!!! YAY!), a watch, and scrubs from my hubby, and Mom and Jer gave me the picture of the SLC temple that I had been wanting FOREVER!
Dustin and Jaiya took me out the day before my birthday for some shopping and some lunch. Nothing like my 1st birthday as a new mommy!;) It was the best thus far!
Then, the day of my birthday, we woke up and went to Tyson and Lana's little boy Jaxton's baby blessing. (Tyson did such a great job!!!) Then we headed to Richfield with Ma and Jer for some lunch;) (I really like to eat if you can't tell!)
Couldn't have asked for a better birthday!

Isn't it gorgeous??? I LOVE IT! I love all temples, but the Salt Lake temple is by far my favorite! The architecture, the landscaping, everything about it I love. Can't wait to go inside someday...

On the 4th, we went up to the Jazz game with Mike and Dez. It was so much fun to hang out with them. We don't get to very often, everyone is so busy! We had seats on row 15, and the Jazz beat the Pistons! YAY! Can't wait to go again!

Cute Mike and Dez

Just helpin' him out...that's what friends are for right?!

Not quite sure who this man is...but Dez thought he was pretty cute apparently!;)

Ryan Seacrest and Julianne Hough were there...we didn't even know until we left and Dustin's dad called to tell us:( Darn, we could have done some major stalking if we would have known!!!


Happy New Year

This year we celebrated just the 3 of us.
We went to see the movie True Grit (amazing) and later went out for a cappacino and breakfast food at Denny's.
It was perfect.
This year is bound to be a great one since we get to enjoy every minute of it with our new little angel.

She makes life so much better.

I cannot wait to see what 2011 has in store for us.