Saturday, May 10, 2014

Touched by Tragedy

being a mom has been the hardest, most fulfilling thing to ever happen to me.

i love my babies.

this past week, it's been a headliner all over the instagram world of a child who was taken all too soon. a sweet little boy, clearly the light of his parent's lives, who was hit by a truck while playing frisbee.

my heart breaks for them.

it literally consumes my every thought.

this is my biggest fear. One i know i share with most parents.

after i read that this had happened, while i was sitting in the doctor's office for my 28 week check-up tuesday morning, i became overtaken with the story. i see pictures of this sweet little boy and what he was up to just a short week and a half ago, and my heart sinks even more. this is not something we ever expect. i know his parent's would do anything for just one more day with their sweet boy. i don't even know this family, but i want to just put my arms around them and tell them that faith will get them through. that families are eternal, and we can all be together again. that the tragic death of their little boy, who is the same age as Jaiya, has reminded me that we are not invincible. that life is short. that i need to cuddle my little one, watch her closer, spend more time doing the little things with her, kiss her sweet baby cheeks, live in the moment, and know that each day with her is a gift. that Heavenly Father chose ME as the mother to two little one's, to nurture, care for, and love. in all of the sadness, the passing of this family's sweet little boy has taught me many valuable lessons. i've felt emotions that have humbled me, and that have made me a better mom. i hope that i never have to endure the pain of loss that they are experiencing...but as a complete stranger, my life has been forever changed by their son.

with Mother's Day being tomorrow, i can tell you that i am going in to it with a whole new perspective. a more humble perspective. that being a mom is the greatest title i could ever imagine. i know that family is everything. i love my family more than words could ever describe, and i thank my Father in Heaven every day for the opportunity i have to be a wife and mother.  i hope i can live each day with them to it's fullest and remember always the sweet lesson of motherhood and love that i learned from the passing of an innocent little boy.


Our past month in pics.

The above pic is one i'm so glad  i took. grandpa randall gives jaiya a dollar every day and stops to visit. both jaiya and rosie look forward to it!


Grandma Mae wasn't feeling well enough around Christmas time to finish some pj's she was making for Jaiya but she was able to finish them and give them to j the day before Easter. We both love them. Not just cause they're cute, but they are so special to have come from her great-grandma.

Jaiya's first Tumbling Meet and Dance Recital:

kiley's bridal shower!!!

Jerry's 61st birthday:

28 + Weeks

only 2.5 months til we meet our little one.
i'll be 29 weeks in just a few days...

july, hurry up! i have one excited little girl that cannot wait to meet her new little brother. 
J talks to the baby multiple times a day. she tells him how she is going to feed him, and help out with whatever mama says...all while kissing mama's belly. my heart is beyond full with my little ones. i love all that being a mom has to offer. it's amazing. 

pregnancy feels brand new with baby #2. it comes with new experiences, new emotions, new everything. i like it though, because that makes it new and exciting no matter how many children you choose to have. besides my terrible limp due to an extremely painful left hip, and minor blood sugar issues, being pregnant with this baby has been easy breezy. i've gained more weight with this baby since the morning sickness didn't linger this time, and i feel him move constently. it's amazing. 

Mama stats:

i have no major cravings...still just consuming lots of fruit. my body releases tons of insulin after i consume any sugary foods, which then makes my blood sugars drop instead of rise...confusing, but this must be why i want fruit so often. it's a viscious cycle! 
Weight gained= 18 lbs.
Maternity clothes= kayla gave me some maternity pants to try and they are so comfy. i never imagined they'd be the greatest things on earth. so, it's either that or leggings. 
movement= still constent. he's a busy boy in there. 
sleep= i sleep fine once i'm asleep, but getting comfortable is an issue. i obviously sleep on my side, but becuase of this i've started getting some major charlie-horses in my sternum area...??? Assuming that is what it's super painful. 

We found out last week that baby has cord around his neck.  i know from work that this is common, and that there is nothing you can do, but when it's your own, it's much more frightening. My biggest fear was that he is still breach, and with cord around his neck, i just hope he will still be able to flip. No c-section for me dang it! Thanks to Jerry's amazing blessing, i know baby will be fine. that's all i care about. c-section or not. 

we do have most of the baby necesseties ready and waiting for his arrival. i have had so much fun picking out baby boy stuff. whoever says boy stuff isn't as fun is nuts. Having one of each is great. 

As of now, only 11 weeks to go...

between my preggy brain and mom and i being busy...we missed 6 month pics, so here's 6 and 7!!!