Sunday, October 27, 2013

Another First...

This one needed it's own post.

She was SO excited to go to the dentist for the first time (September 10). The doc and the hygienist were so impressed by how well she was doing, and because of that, they were able to do x-rays and the fluoride tray.

Once again, proud mama.


Many "First's" for this little one!

I am one of those people who has a million things running through her head of things to do or things to remember, but because i never organize those thoughts or prioritize, I'm in a constant state of chaos.
One of those "things" on my list of to-do's has been blogging.
Well, the longer  I go without posting, the higher up it goes on the anxious/panic list in my brain.
As you can imagine, I've met my breaking point and I am putting it off no longer. Who cares that I have boards to study for that are so rudely creeping up on me? Not me, apparently.

The problem is, I don't keep a journal nor do  I scrapbook, so... this is my only outlet for Jaiya to know and reminisce on her childhood. I've even become a 21 century teenager and have ditched the "old school" idea of using a digital camera, and I literally only use my phone. yikes is right...

But before I start with my little J's update...I would like to formally introduce to you, Ms. Rosie Posie Johnson- born June 24, 2013.


no. she wasn't supposed to bath her in the sink. Rosie owes me for saving her from this one!

I have no new stats on Jaiya's actual height or weight being that she only sees the doctor once a year now. so that is coming up....

However, there is plenty that I can share.

Jaiya has always seemed to be a little bit older than her actual age. She is so smart and eager to learn, and her vocabulary is awesome. So, Dustin and I decided that we'd give preschool a shot. She started in September and she loves it, to say the least. Her friends; Avery, Mia, and Remi are all in her class, and she is making more and more friends every time. It's so cute, and maybe tugs on my heart strings a little to see her growing up and venturing out already, but I know it was the best thing for her. And I'm happy to see that she absolutely loves Ms. Jill.

                                            First day of Preschool

Along with school, she is involved in dance, tumbling and singing. All of which keep her super busy, and she loves it so much. This Mom-n-Tot tumbling class her and I are in, well, it's rather comical if you ask me. Some days, like anything else, are better than others, but trying to keep the attention of a two year old is just impossible sometimes. I find myself saying, "Jaiya, do we need to go home and not tumble today?" "Jaiya, listen to Ms. Katie and Ms. Autumn!" And yes, I talk in my "we are out in public" mom voice that's much softer and quieter. But, truth, she does pretty darn good. She is only two and is making progress like crazy every week! And those days where she totally impresses me, I am like a kid and look at the teacher like, "Hey...Did you see that one?! Yep, she's my kid!" ....all arrogant and such...

Oh I must not forget...She did Mini cheer for the first time this year. I worked most of that week, but the first time she showed me her cheer she did the actions and said, "Gooooo Big Glue!" ha ha. I had to carefully correct that sweet sentence and explain they say the color blue!
                                                 Mini Cheer
                                           Mom-n-Tot Tumbling

Her teacher in dance, Ms. Bree, does so well with them. Especially since the kids are with her, and no parents are there. We watch outside the studio that has a mirror-like window so they can't see us very well. Genius! And, I still can't get over how adorable she looked on her first day...

First day of Dance!

Ms. Tammy, her singing teacher, lives right across the street from Grandma Mille. SO convenient. Especially when dad gets the time wrong and forgets to come and pick her up. Psh, something I'D never do;) So, little J can walk across the street and see Grandma on Mondays!
                                             "First" day of singing

Some odd-n-ends:
Jaiya is still crazy about vegetables. Kind of like her mama with this one...little to no meat, but LOTS of fruit and veggies!
She is in a size 7 shoe.
She wears a 3T in clothes.
She is extremely "gaggy" just like her mama. It is non-stop, every day! She gags at smells, texture of food...anything...
She loves to sing, dance, play doctor, watch her fave TV shows, play outside, run away every chance she gets to Grandma and Papa's, and especially the iPad!
She talks like a grown-up, with a lisp, and smacks her lips together in between sentences to give you the sassy/girly effect...
She wanted to be a "Popcorn Maker" or "Vegetable" for Halloween this year, but since I couldn't come up with either, she finally settled for Strawberry shortcake!
She loves to shop with her Mama!
She will help with anything around the house, cleaning, cooking, etc.
She can sing the song "Royals" by Lorde from start to finish. She has most of the 20 on 20 xm songs down!
She STILL is obsessed with choc. milk.
She is getting very imaginative! Love this!
SUPER DUPER sassy, but then totally sweet the next the minute.
Thinks the word "poo poo" is hilarious and she says it CONSTANTLY! We can't stop her.
She has the best deep-belly laugh that is so contagious.
If she gets in trouble, she sings me her ABC's until I smile, and then she says, "Now are you happy Mom!;)"
Oddly enough, she has always been very easy to reason with. If she wants something that she can't have, you can explain why and she will totally drop it.
She is a fanatic for ice cream and Popsicles! She heads straight to grandma and papa's every day for a orange cream-cicle!
She still loves brushing her teeth!
She loves Rosie. Sometime to the point that she is smothering or rough with the poor thing.
And just because you can't ever have enough pictures:



I hope I didn't forget anything.
As you can see, we have been extremely busy.
This Mom thing rocks!