Saturday, April 30, 2011

April Catch Up.

Jaiya had another appointment with the doctor for her second set of immunizations. I always hate going in for those, and this time I wasn't prepared or I wouldn't have went alone. I hate holding her when they stab, yes stab, her in the leg for her shots. Poor little JIJ!:( They also took her measurements, and...are you ready for this?!...she is 25 1/2 in long and 17 lbs, which means 95 % in weight and 85% in height...whoa! Tall? Where on earth did that come from...guess she was blessed cause her dad and I sure didn't contribute to her height in any way. She also is rolling over lots more, sitting up so good, and her hand/eye coordination is great! And, can't leave out the fact that she screams and yells daily. It's a big hollar everytime she wants something. She yells AHHHHHH as loud as she can, then...stops...and again...AHHHHH, and then stops. It's cute, but I hope she doesn't keep it up as she gets older! ha Or we are really in for it!

Brylee, Jaiya, and Lily posing for Easter pics at Grandma Mill's!

She LOVES hanging upside down...

and her new bumbo from Aunt Bree!

We were so glad to have lil' Kassie over to play one day. I had to get lots of pictures! She is such a doll, and her personality is the cutest! I love her! Jaiya loved having someone to play with and Kassie was very entertaining for her. She walks all over, and Jaiya just watched every move she made.

Playing her piano...

Now on to Easter...

We spent Easter this year in Arizona. Mom and Jerry had been wanting to visit Canyon de Chelly and we LOVE road trips and site-seeing so it was the perfect getaway!

I have to be honest, I was so excited I had butterflies thinking about taking Jaiya to the pool for the first time and hiking, but...the weather was less than par, to say the least, and we weren't able to swim or hike (with the baby that is). -sigh- But, I shall be optimistic and just be glad that we were able to see the amazing Anasazi ruins at Canyon de Chelly. And amazing is an understatement. I really am facinated by stuff like this. Mom and Jer have taken us to see ruins several times, and I'm finding that I am growing to love it more and more every time.

Our ride down to Page...

Jerry drove.

I read a PEOPLE... (I always sit up front with Jer cause I get so car-sick, we always have great conversations but I thought that I would give him a break from my "20 Questions" for a bit;)

And Dust and Ma sit in the back and watch movies! Lucky!

Dinner in Page, AZ.

Oh I LOVE this pic. They are 2 happy little lovebirds! Awww...

Day 2

Rise and Shine baby girl. (She is always so happy in the morning!)

Lunch in Chinle, AZ.

Daddy gives her water, and...

Mom gives her the good stuff...;)

Relaxin' with Grandma in between stops!


LOVE my cute family

The guys and JIJ!

See how cool these are?! Amazing.

On the ride home, I attempted the back seat! Dust and I watched a movie...and suprisingly, I survived without throwing up.

Oh, and let's not forget "Bubba." Dust thought he should seatbelt it in!

Well, that's all for tonight. Next I will attempt to catch up on Mother's Day and stuff!

Friday, April 1, 2011

4 months...Really?!

Here are a few St. Patrick's Day pics that I didn't get a chance to post earlier!... Grandma Mill and J;) And of course, Grandma always brings props... Can you believe it's already been 4 months?! I can't. It's gone by so fast, but you always hear that it will, so I have just tried to take in every little moment that I can!

New news on sweet baby J!:
J is coo-ing more than ever.
She laughs out to my ears! It is the most precious thing I have ever heard!
She is now 17-ish lbs! WOW!
She starts on cereal today...we did a test trial around lunch time because we were so excited to see what she would do!
She is getting SO good at her hand/eye coordination.
She loves her baby wipe package- it's her favorite toy next to the jungle gym.
And last but not least, we are working on rolling over and sitting up! Not quite there yet, but when it comes to sitting up, that round lil' belly sure comes in handy!;)

This was yesterday...she looked so cute! And here she is today, trying out her new cereal...think she likes it? Hmmmm Guess not! How sad is that face!?

We will try again before bedtime. Hopefully round 2 goes smoother!;) & Happy 4 Month Birthday Baby Girl!!! I love you!