Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Dustin and I have been keeping busy since we have been home from Texas! I started work two days after we got home, and after a week of boredom Dustin joined me in the working department! We really have had such a great time, and we have loved getting to spend time with our families! Here's a little bit of what we have been up to:

House Hunting...Ugh!Dustin and I have been trying to find a house to buy since the market is low, and we will be attending Snow for a couple more years. Dustin (cross your fingers) has 98.8%decided to be a Radiology Technician! Now, plans could change, but as of now that is what we are aiming for! He can do most of his schooling at Snow and the USU extension. So...looks like we won't have to move for a while!!!

I have been working at Gunnison Elementary since September 2, and I recently just started working at Homespun Love! I absolutely love both jobs! I am in the Kindergarten teaching reading and math, and I tutor the last 2 hours of the day. My mom, Grandma Linda, and Aunt MerriLynn and I all work at the elementary together. It's like a family reunion every day!
Dustin has also been working to keep busy. He works with our brother-in-law Bill at Hill Heating and Air-Conditioning in Gunnison. They travel around cleaning furnaces and installing them!

Well, that is all we have been up to! If something exciting happens I will be sure to keep you posted!


To my mom and Jerry! They were sealed in the Manti temple on August 22nd! They have been waiting a long time for this, and I am so happy the day finally came. I know they are perfect together and they will have an eternity of happiness! We love you Mamma Urs and Jer Bear!!!


I just wanted to quickly tell everyone that I have not abandoned my blog! Dustin and I are both staying busy working and trying to find a house, so I won't be able to update pictures for a while. My mom's desktop isn't as easy to upload pictures on with a memory card so...I will have to wait for the laptop:( I am, however, enjoying everyones new posts and its good to see you are all doing great! Thanks tons!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Yay for Cole and Heather!!!!

I am a little late posting this, because I have been back and forth the past two weeks between Utah and Texas getting things ready to move home! Thank goodness we are finally home, and I can get back to blogging!
The day before Cole and Heather moved back, they surprised us with some great news...they are having a BABY!!! We couldn't believe they waited 4 1/2 months before telling us. We are so excited for them, and they are going to be fabulous parents! We cannot wait until the little one arrives!!!

Congratulations Barclay Family

Dustin and I are so happy for our friends, John and Markell. They welcomed a new baby girl, Kaydence, on August 29th. She is such a beautiful baby, and we are so glad everyone is healthy and happy.