Saturday, August 30, 2008

Goodbye Texas...Hello Utah!

Dustin and I are packin' up and movin' on home! What a great summer we had! We are definitely going to miss that scorching heat, and those crazy storms...NOT! But, really, we will miss Texas. We had so much fun getting to know so many new people and making life-long friendships. Dustin has done so well, and I am so incredibly proud of him! He is an amazing husband and he works so hard to make it possible for us to live a stress-free life financially! He always gives 100% to everything that he does. He is such a geat example to me, and inspires me to my best in all I do!

Now, lets have a little fun...together! I have had so many fun experiences here in Texas, and I am able to do some regular summertime activities. Dustin, on the other hand, has to put things like: Four-wheeling, fishing with Brady, spending time at the cabin with Grandpa, going to my parents' cabin, swimming, Lake Powell, wake-boarding...aside for four months. Now, we wanna cram some of those things in before the snow starts comin' in!

Love Ya'll:)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Yay for Photography!!!

As most of you know, and for those who don't, I am so excited to get started on my photography. I am getting the Nikon d300 as soon as I get home!!! (in 6 days!!!) I have always been intrigued with photographs that are artsy and really unique. I have so many sights that I love to look at, and I hope that my work is just as impressive! I got my new Digital Photography book today in the mail! I am so excited to learn the little secrets to great photographs...

Friday, August 8, 2008

Family Bonding

Dustin and I went to Cole and Heather's for dinner tonight, and afterwards we all gathered on the bed for some pictures, and some cowboy poetry. Thanks to Cole and his many characters, it was very entertaining to listen to his wonderful book! Thanks Bucket!

Lounging Around

Dustin having a nap on Heather's shoulder

Playing with Pictures

As all of my family and friends know...I absolutely love taking pictures. (Thanks to my mom who acts like a japanese tourist when she gets ahold of a camera!) I have been messing around with this new paint shop sort of thing, and here are some of the new and improved pictures! Enjoy... (some would not upload...sorry)

Dustin wake- boarding at Lake Powell



Thursday, August 7, 2008

BJ's Pizza

Today all the wifey's got together for lunch at BJ's Pizza since Liz leaves for home tomorrow. It was so yummy. They serve deep dish pizza's in so many incredible flavors! After Pizza, Tiff and I shared a Pazookie for dessert. Everyone laughed cause we practically inhaled it. We were like,"Hey we are magic, it's gone!" ha ha. It was so much fun to get out and hang with the girls. Thanks guys!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Playing for Pizza

Thanks to my Aunt Merri Lynn... I am now addicted to my book: "Playing for Pizza," by John Grisham! It is out of his normal realm of fiction and non-fiction mysteries. It is actually kind of funny, and you cannot help but feel so bad for the main character Rick Dockery! I have enjoyed getting out of my Twilight phase for a minute, and taking the time to read something else. It has been a nice change, but I must admit, I am so excited to finish the 3rd and 4th books of Twilight! Yahoo! But, I best get back to my book! Thanks Merri Lynn!

Friday, August 1, 2008

HaPpY BiRtHdAy MoM

Today is my mom's birthday. She is the greatest mom, and I love her so much! We have been through so much together, and all of our ups and downs have only made us closer and stronger! I always have admired the person that my mom is, and I hope that I can one day be as great of a mother and wife as she has been. I have so much to learn, but there is no better example than my mom.
As most of you know, she isn't your typical mother... She is a little bit more on the energetic side,(I like to just call it Adult ADD!) to put it mildly! She used to get so aggitated if we were just sitting around watching t.v or being lazy that she would beg us to go toilet papering. Or, she would do things like, on the way home from Grandma's stop in the middle of the road and do a "chinese fire drill." Soon it became: indian fire drills, cowboy fire drills, japanese fire drills, ect... She just thought it was funny that we would do anything she said. She also, numerous times, would walk home from my Grandmas house who lives in Axtell. Or...if we were in the mountains, we always had to stop while she ran up and down a mountain! Not a hill, a MOUNTAIN! Wow! She made me tired just watching her most of the time. She got enough exersise in for the whole fam!!! Her grandkids just love her, because she is just as active and hyper as they are. She is always willing to pretend with them, and it only broadens their imagination!
As you can see, she is such a fun, energetic, and loving mother, grandmother, and wife! I am so proud to have her as my mom! I love you Mom, and Happy Birthday!!!

The Dallas World Aquarium

Yesterday, Tiff and I decided to take a day, and go to Dallas to see the Dallas World Aquarium. We stopped at the mall first to grab a bite to eat (and, ok...we might have shopped) at the Le Madeleine! It was so yummy. We also grabbed a carameled apple and some chocolate from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory!Mmmmm After spending a good 3 hours at the mall, Tiff and I decided it was getting late and we should probably get to the aquarium before it closed! Dustin and Zach would have killed us if we went all the way there and only went to the mall!!!
The Aquarium was so neat, we couldn't believe how everything was so open. It was amazing seeing all of those creatures so close to us. The manatees and the sloth were our faves! It only took us about an hour to see the aquarium, and then off to the mall, again... I got my eyebrows done at this place called Boeau Belle. It is the coolest thing EVER, and it is only $10! Until moving to Texas, I had NEVER seen this sort of thing before. (the girl who did them, said it started in Lebenon where she is from) The lady has this long peice of thread...she somehow has a peice in her mouth and in both hands. Then, she moves the thread a certain way so that it plucks the hair right out of your face. ANYWHERE! She did a demo on my upper eyebrow and it was so clean and smooth that I had to get the bottom half done too! I loved it, and my eyebrows have never looked so good! Thanks Riham! (ha ha, her name was on my receipt!)
Well, I forgot to mention one thing! Tiff and I somehow missed 3 whole floors of the aquarium! HOW??? It cost us $20, and we missed that much!!! We ended up the gift shop, so we have no idea how it happened. But Sadie asked us if we loved how the sharks swam around us, and if we saw the jaguar,...Uh...what sharks, and there was a jaguar??? So, needless to say, we will probably be taking another trip back with the hubbies since we missed the best part!

10 ThinGs i cAnnoT waiT to do Back HoMe!

As most of you know, our time in Texas is coming to an end:( We have three (maybe four) weeks to go, and I am getting very anxious to get home and do the things I used to get to do throughout the summers, but cram it all in, in like a month and a half! Here are the 10 things I cannot wait to do back home!!!!

1- Go to Les Mes with my mom and sister down in St.George!!! (i loved this book in College English! I have wanted to see it in theater FOREVER!)
2- Do girlie things with my neice Hadlee. (she loves fake nails, and HSM! oh... and she love love loves Subway) That a girl Had!
3- Go Camping, fishing, four-wheeling, and spend time at the cabin.
4- Go to El Mexicano with April.
5- Take diet coke runs with my mom and sister like 5 times a day.
6- Babysit my neices and nephews! (i love spoiling them!)
7- Make dinner and watch movies at Kayla and Brady's house.(Kayla and I usually end up watching the movie with the kids, while Brady and Dustin are outside playing on the lathe or making something creative until wee hours in the morning!)
8- Running to Provo for Cafe Rio and a movie with Tiff!
9- Get Kezi's hair cut! I miss Jen so bad! No one cuts Kezi's hair the same out here!!!
10- Go to Lake Powell with the fam! (i love to wakeboard, although...I have A LOT to learn! And laying out is always fun and relaxing!)

Well, there you have it! My little "TO DO" list for when I get home! My list could have been longer, but I only wanted to bore you for a minute. We miss our friends and family so much, and we cannot wait to see you all soon! Here we come Utah!