Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Halloween was so much fun this year. It's always a good time to have an excuse to dress up for several parties, and then trick-or-treating.

I asked Jaiya what she wanted to be this year, for fear that she'd choose Elsa along with every other little girl in America, but she suprisingly chose a butterfly. It was a great choice if you ask me. She made one beautiful Monarch Butterfly.

Jaz on the other hand, well, we had to take full advantage of his cute little chubbiness, and go for something that plumped him up even more. We decided on a dragon. It was perfect.

Dustin and I on the other hand, we opted for something a little more practical. We never dress up, but this year we were able to make it to an annual Halloween party that Lana Hansen invited us to. We had to come up with something. Something that we could also go around trick-or-treating in with Jaiya. Well, Ninja Turtles were all the rage this year, so we went with that.

We attended friend parties, school parties, trunk-or-treat, and our ward party. It was an eventful Halloween.

Halloween night, we went trick-or-treating around my mom's neighborhood with Shanell and Avery. Jaiya and Avery are so fun together.

School party

 Halloween Morning

Trunk-or-Treat at the Middle School

 Ward Party

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Camille said...

GREAT costumes!!!! It was fun to see you guys all dressed up!!!!!