Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Apple of my Eye

I was so excited this past week just waiting for Sunday to come so that Dustin and I could go to Delaware and pick up April! (a.k.a. "The Apple of my Eye!") She was in town for her friends wedding, and her last couple of days here she stayed with us. We had so much fun eating, shopping, and going to the movies.

Always on the phone...ha just kidding Ape!

Waiting to eat dinner at The Cheesecake Factory....Mmmm...Mmmm...Good!

Dust and I

Ape and I went to "My Sister's Keeper" Monday afternoon in between shopping! It was so sad! We were so glad we went, but we bawled throughout the entire movie!:(

Thanks Ape for taking the time of work, and away from Rowdy to come and visit!:) I had a blast, and I miss you already! Love you!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Yum Yum Bubblegum!!!

To my suprise, when Dustin got home from work tonight, he had a "present" for me. For those of you who know me, you know I LOVE Bubblegum!!! I can't go into a grocery store or the mall without getting a peice out of the 25 cent machine! Although, I only chew it until all of the suger is gone, it is definitely still worth every penney! Bubblegum is the only sweet that I actually crave. Thanks honey for the best present EVER!!! Ha (I don't think he knew I would get this excited over Bubblegum!:)
Dustin wanted to take a picture of me cause I was so excited!:)

Air and Space Museum

Today, Alley, Kellie, and I took a trip to D.C to see the Air and Space Museum. Little did we know, we were about to embark upon a crowded, sweaty, stinky, and hot metro ride. Not to mention the metro driver was the WORST driver we have experienced thus far! ha On the way to the Museum, we were all able to sit, thank goodness, but I had a big rump in my face that I was just waiting to catch any minute with my head! Not fun!

Thank goodness we all made it to the Smithsonian's alive, and we were able to enjoy the Air and Space Museum. I found it very fascinating to see the evolution of the airplane. It really put it into perspective when I saw that the first ones were made of canvas, wood, and cables! I have been wanting to see this for a while now, and it was definitely worth it! Here are a few pics:

These are missiles. Can you believe how HUGE they are? I had no idea!!!



Me and the Wright Brothers:)


The ride home, unfortunately, was worse than the ride there! I didn't think it could get worse, but being the "squaty body" that I am, I am still unable to reach the bar above me without standing on my tip toes to keep myself from falling over. Instead, I slam in to everyone around me. Thanks to Kellie and Alley, I was able to stay standing without hurting any strangers. I could not believe how crowded it was today! Fewwww...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Week Review

Last Week, the girlies decided to take a few hours and go to the National Archives Museum! It was so neat to see all of the documents containing our Nations history all in one building! I find that kind of stuff so intriguing.
Court, Kell, Me, and Murt!

The end of the Constitution with all of the signatures!

I know you can't see this picture very well, but that was the BIGGEST gaurd I have EVER seen!

I loved this bright globe!

The Map of the Gettysburg Battelfield

John Hancock's Signature

I thought this was cool! It is Shaq's shoe that he gave to President Bush as a gift! A size 22! That is almost 4x's the size of mine!!! Wow!!

Sunday after church, Bridger, Court, Dustin and I all took the metro to the National Mall to see the Washington Monument, WWII Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Korean War Memorial (?)Veterans Wall, and Vietnam Wall....It was so nice to get out, and have Dustin with me! There is so much he doesn't get to see! We had a blast, and the whether was perfect for touring!

This picture cracks me up! This is why Dustin isn't a photographer! Ha! Notice the "Kardashian Twins" as Courtney named them, in the picture with me! Just feelin' the breeze!!!

I thought this looked so cool with the Capitol in the background. You can't tell as much on this picture, but the sign was shining on the Capitl making it glow. It was really pretty!

Bridger thought he was going to "sneak" and get a picture with the bikers, but they noticed and smiled for the camera!!! ha! Nice pose Bridge!

Lincoln Memorial

Korean War Memorial

Veterans Wall

The Vietnam Wall

I am so glad that we took this picture because the lady that designed the Vietnam wall wanted you to be able to see how there is a razor thin line between life and death. The reflection being the spirits of those who died in the war! We talked to a ranger about all that went in to this design, and I cannot believe how much detail there is. It is also supposed to look as though its stabbing in to the Earth, symbolizing the impact it had on our Nation.

Dustin took a picture of the Flag's reflection in the water! It turned out so cool!!!

The White House

Sniper standing on top of the White House:)

Outside the White House there was an Iranian protest going on. There were SO many of them chanting and holding up signs like this one!

Monday, June 15, 2009

New York, New York!!!

This past weekend, a few of the girls and I took a quick trip to New York! I have never been there before, and it was amazing! It is such a busy city full of life, art, and shopping! Although we didn't see everything New York has to offer, we were able to get a lot in during our short stay! We stayed at the Marriot Marquis in Times Square (thanks Kellie) that was so nice!

DAY 1:

The New Years Eve ball!

This the building where they film TRL for MTV!

The St. Patricks Cathedral.... It was absolutely AMAZING! I am always in such awe to see beautiful architecture, and the detail that goes in to building cathedrals. I was so glad that we took the time to go inside.

Court and I may have gotten a little bored, and we took some crazy pictures...but this is by far the craziest of them all! Can you believe this chin??? How she does that, I will never know! Court, I mean Chinnigan, you are amazing my friend!!!

Sara and Mason! Isn't he cute!?!

Next, was the Rockefeller Center! It didn't look like it does on the movies, but does anything ever look same? It was so cool to be able to see it, and I also took pictures of the building where they film the TODAY show!

Me and Steve-o holding hands!

Of course, we had to go to Chinatown to shop! Little did we know, the world of purse laundering is very exciting. A lady walked up to a few of the girls asking them if they were interested in Chanel, Gucci, Prada, and ect. purses...so we followed this lady down the street, and around the corner. We stopped in front of this white van where there was a chinese lady wearing a baseball cap. She discretely slipped some papers in to our hands that had pictures of all the purses she was selling. Sara picked a couple, so the chinese lady called on the phone, and about ten minutes later a man plopped a black garbage bag in front of us telling us to hurry, and walked away. (and you aren't allowed to take them out of the bag!) After Sara bought one of the purses the lady who initially confronted us about the purses asked if we wanted to go somewhere where we could see them in person. We did, so she took us to a little souvenir shop. When no one was looking, they opened this little door camoflouged in the wall. We went down into this torn up basement and then into this room FULL of purses. A girls dream! ha They let you look around telling you to hurry, but take your time...ya that doesn't make sense! Needless to say, it was a very exciting part of the trip! I couldn't believe how intense buying a fake purse can be!!!

That night, we were all starving after walking around all day, so we decided to have dinner at Juniors across the street from our hotel! It was yummy!

I ordered the Grilled Cheese with Ham! Mmmm

DAY 2:

Bubba Gumps in the background!

We took the Stanton Island Ferry across the river to see the Statue of Liberty! It was so cool!

Beautiful New York from the ferry!
After the Statue of Liberty we headed to The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway at the Majestic Theater! It was AMAZING. I can't even tell you how much I enjoyed the show, I got the chills everytime they sang!
Then we headed back home to our wonderful hubbies! I missed Dustin so much, and we were only gone for a day and a half! Ha....But it was a great trip, and I had a blast with all of the girls!