Saturday, February 2, 2013

Jaiya's Princess Party

I gave Jaiya the generous oppertunity to pick out her party "theme" in a magazine, and to my dismay she came up with 3 options.

1st, her favorite, was a gnome party. What the? I don't know how to throw a gnome party...

2nd favorite, real life kitty cats on paper plates. Pretty sure 90% of the fam would disown us since they LOVE cats so much...

3rd, which I liked too, but her daddy threw a fit over, was an OLIVIA party.

Then, Dustin and I collaberated and decided we would show her princess stuff...even if it was Disney characters, cause that DOES classify as "cute" for a two year old's party! And she adores her princess potty, so it's perfect right?!

It was a total hit!

Jaiya had a blast! All of the attention and fun gifts was 2 year old heaven!

She even blew out both candles with one breath! It was perfect!

Cake- Krista Schauggard
Family/2 year old Pictures- Jordan Peterson Photography

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Camille said...

Her party was PERFECTO!!! She was SO happy and had so much fun!!! I love our little Princess!!! The last 2 years have flown but I have loved EVERY single moment!!! Thanks for sharing her with us!!!! WE ADORE EVERY HUG