Saturday, February 23, 2013

Jaiya Ivie

How on earth do I keep time still?

Jaiya is seriously changing by the hour, and I almost panic at the thought I may not remember to document everything. I seriously don't want to forget one tiny second.

I haven't posted in a few months on her stats and what she's learned so here goes.


HEAD- 19 1/2"
HEIGHT- 33 1/2"

According to the "old saying" that you double the height you are at on your 2nd birthday, Jaiya is going to tower over her poor midget mother, and be a whopping 5'6! I'm crossing my fingers that this is true! No one should have to be as short as me...

At this point there is not one thing this kid doesn't say as far as vocabulary goes. She has full on conversations with us every day.

One thing that cracks me up every time, is in the morning...I go to her room and I'm stumbling around cause I, as I have mentioned before, am NOT a morning person. She's says, "Look mama, the sun is up! It's not bedtime anymore." She says it so enthusiastically that I can't help but barely turn up the side of my mouth into the slightest little smile. Then, I walk her in to go potty, cause you know, first things first. And she says, "Mama, you need to talk to me." In a more serious tone this time. I of course respond with, "Ok, what do you want to talk about?" Then it's just, " YOU NEED TO TALK TO MEEEEE!!!!" We never do talk about much. It's more of a question war.

One thing that never seizes to amaze me is that I can explain anything to her. If she wants something, and I seriously can't get it for her at the moment, I explain what I am doing and when and if she can have it and she's totally cool about it. She doesn't usually continuing with whining...occasionally yes, but mostly no.

She started singing what she says, "Mama is washing the dishes..." in a frilly singing voice. Or, "Where are my shoes...I can't find them..." It's hilarious.

This kid could play hide-n-seek til the end of time if you'd let her.

She LOVES to help. With dishes, cleaning, cooking....whatever you are doing she wants in.

This includes my make-up. She loves a fun girly sesh where we do make-up, nails, and hair....

She knows exactly where we are at when we drive around town. She will look out the window and say, "There's grandma Lily's house." "There's Xander's house." "There's Papa and Grandma's."

And she loves going to "Rickshfield." She loves a good ride in the car and shopping.

She looks forward to church, and loves nursery! She's been going since she was a year old, and she doesn't miss me a bit!

This little girl is one of a kind, I love her more than I could ever say. Our favorite thing to say to each other:

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Camille said...

Awwww!!!! Our lil angel is growing up SO fast!!! I love her so much!!! She ALWAYS makes us smile!!!! :)