Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hey!, Remember my New Year's Resolutions?

Well, guess what?

I'm checking in.


I feel so. much. better!

No kidding.

I have to admit, I didn't think I'd really stick to any of them. Ya know, I don't have to hold myself accountable if not "that many" people even read it. But, I have done pretty good.

I've been Zumba-ing it up, and sometimes I even go a half an hour early to run a mile.

I drink a half of a gallon a day of water. Most of the time.

I've been eating cleaner.

And the biggest difference has been from.....................ready for this?


I take a lot. But it seriously helps!

Here's what happened. After I watched "Food Matters" on Netflix about getting your vitamins through fruit and pills...I had a major "AH HA" moment. I sat there, locked in the bathroom, painting my nails and watching this documentary (this is my alone time)...and I thought..."Why not?"

Here's what I take:
LOTS of Vitamin C- like 6 pills. You can't o.d.
Fish Oil
Vitamin E
Dandelion Root

{And, just a fun fact, did you know that vitamin C can be used as a replacement for Chemotherapy? Serious. They, as in doctors, don't use it a lot because #1 they probably aren't as comfortable with that as they are with actual chemo, and #2 vitamin C is cheap so why would they? Not that I'm against chemo, but there is the option to use Vitamin C instead.

The documentary showed 3 different patients who were diagnosed with cancer, and within 3 months tumors had shrunk and these people were doing great. It's given through IV, and it's somewhere around 200,000 mg that is injected. It doesn't kill good cells while it does destroy cancer cells. Hmm. Neat, huh!?}

Vitamins can be used instead of certain things like anti-anxiety/depression medications, and so many other things. Our bodies are made to heal themselves, and sometimes vitamins alone will help. Keep in mind, this documentary I watched MONTHS ago, and it is not against the medical profession. It just informs you and educates you on more natural healing...

This kind of stuff floats my boat.

Anyway, I no longer have anxiety attacks OR panic attacks, and I have not struggled with stress like in the past. SO grateful.


 (juice cleanse. awesome. Lost almost 4lbs. and the hubs lost  a whopping 9lbs! Great way to get rid of bloat and extra weight!)


So, that's my update, and I am glad it's at least good news and not that I totally failed.

And...J and I want it to be spring...


Camille said...

GOOD JOB!!! I've been cutting back on the sweets and feel better! I'll never cute out my sugar completely!! :) I think I'd die!!!! I can't wait til SPRING either so we can PLAY PLAY PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love your updates.They are so motivating! I am totally sold on the vitamins. I take prenatals and biotin but I'm going to get the other ones you listed. I could use real, healthy energy. Not all the caffeine. I'm so proud of you and your success! You are my idol and inspiration! Love you girl! :) xoxo