Saturday, February 2, 2013

January 2nd...


26 years ago, my dear mother gave birth to..."Mwa!" And suprise!...I ended up being the "New Year's Baby" at Gunnison Valley Hospital. Pretty amazing right?

It's so weird that I'm 26 by the way.

It's tradition for Mom, Kayla and I to go to Orem shopping and to a you can see we find any and every excuse known to man to do so. Do you blame us? Us 3 together....well, there's no words...


And let's not forget New Year's Eve with our friends, and New Year's Day sledding with the Mecham clan before my cousin Nicole left for her mission!



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Camille said...

26 years ago Heavenly Father blessed me with a little miracle!!! Whom I love more than I could ever say!!! You are and will always be my SUNSHINE!!!!