Sunday, February 17, 2013

Another Love Day Success!

I've decided that I really REALLY like Valentine's Day.

Especially this one.

Jaiya was so much fun.

I had to work for a few hours on V-Day, so daddy took J to Rosie's to Posie's where she was able to pick something out for me. Whatever she wanted.  She picked out the cutest little arrangement of flowers and she has given them to me somewhere around...hmm.. 12 times. Along with, "Happy Valentine's Mommy." Even today, I got them...again.

Dustin on the other hand, knows that from him, I'd much rather have something substantial. Like....ya know....a JUICER! I was so surprised. I have hinted subtly, and and not so subtly, that I really wanted one. And, to my amazement, he delivered a bag with my juicer in it, and my flowers from Jaiya to work. None of which was expected. There are holiday's when you pretend not to expect something and then those where you REALLY don't expect anything. This year, I didn't expect anything. Especially as much as I got. And, obviously I LOVED it.

Who doesn't want to be spoiled?

Especially on a holiday dedicated to lovers?

(Speaking of lovers...we went to "Safe Haven" when I got off of work...SO good.)



Camille said...

Cute!!! A day for lovers and people we just LOVE! I love you guys soooo much!!! I'm glad it was a GOOD, surprise-filled day!

Luke and Mariah said...

Oh my Tash, you guys are just the cutest family ever! And Dustin in the best for spoiling you! He's so great! Miss you guys and hope you're doing awesome!! Love ya!