Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hangin' with the Girls

Keeping busy is always nice, but relaxing is great too! So, Allayna and I spent the day at the pool on Monday! It is so nice having a pool close by! The weather has been great, and I hope it continues to stay that way! We went down around 1:00, and didn't come home til around 4-ish! What a great life! I took some pictures this time so you could see the pool here at our apartment complex!

Allayna and I


Today a bunch of us took a quick trip to Georgetown. It is basically an entire area full of shopping and restaurants...(sounds like a fun time to me!) An that it was! We just browsed and then stopped for some lunch at Subway. Mari had told us about Georgetown Cupcakes, and how amazing they were, so...of course, we had to stop in! I got the red velvet, and she was right...it was pure delicousness!!! After we had our cupcakes we all decided to call it a day, and we headed back home! Thanks girls for the fun day!

Allayna, Courtney, Mariah, Me, Mari, Sammy, and Sammy!

GoOfY Girls!


Camille said...

FUN TIMES!!!!! Ya dark lil Injuns! Can't wait ot get a little sunshine on the old bod!!! What a cute bunch of girlz :)

Brady and Kayla said...

Looks like fun Smoosh!! I miss you! I wish I was there with ya! Looks like some fun girls!!

Josh and Allayna McCann said...

I stole your cupcake pic! haha. This was such a fun trip, Im wanting to go back PRONTO! Loves!!