Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Week Review

Last Week, the girlies decided to take a few hours and go to the National Archives Museum! It was so neat to see all of the documents containing our Nations history all in one building! I find that kind of stuff so intriguing.
Court, Kell, Me, and Murt!

The end of the Constitution with all of the signatures!

I know you can't see this picture very well, but that was the BIGGEST gaurd I have EVER seen!

I loved this bright globe!

The Map of the Gettysburg Battelfield

John Hancock's Signature

I thought this was cool! It is Shaq's shoe that he gave to President Bush as a gift! A size 22! That is almost 4x's the size of mine!!! Wow!!

Sunday after church, Bridger, Court, Dustin and I all took the metro to the National Mall to see the Washington Monument, WWII Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Korean War Memorial (?)Veterans Wall, and Vietnam Wall....It was so nice to get out, and have Dustin with me! There is so much he doesn't get to see! We had a blast, and the whether was perfect for touring!

This picture cracks me up! This is why Dustin isn't a photographer! Ha! Notice the "Kardashian Twins" as Courtney named them, in the picture with me! Just feelin' the breeze!!!

I thought this looked so cool with the Capitol in the background. You can't tell as much on this picture, but the sign was shining on the Capitl making it glow. It was really pretty!

Bridger thought he was going to "sneak" and get a picture with the bikers, but they noticed and smiled for the camera!!! ha! Nice pose Bridge!

Lincoln Memorial

Korean War Memorial

Veterans Wall

The Vietnam Wall

I am so glad that we took this picture because the lady that designed the Vietnam wall wanted you to be able to see how there is a razor thin line between life and death. The reflection being the spirits of those who died in the war! We talked to a ranger about all that went in to this design, and I cannot believe how much detail there is. It is also supposed to look as though its stabbing in to the Earth, symbolizing the impact it had on our Nation.

Dustin took a picture of the Flag's reflection in the water! It turned out so cool!!!

The White House

Sniper standing on top of the White House:)

Outside the White House there was an Iranian protest going on. There were SO many of them chanting and holding up signs like this one!


Marg said...

Great pictures! - It is fun to see them - since we can't be there!

Nicki Christensen Swilor said...

First of all I have to say that everytime I look at your blog I am going to be laughing. That picture of Mario Lopez... I mean Dustin on the side sitting on the couch looks a lot like him too.

I love the Kardashian picture! Seriously though random people in pics make for some good laughs. It's so awesome that you get to see all this stuff and don't have to rush to do it in one weekend!

Camille said...

Hey nice pictures Tash! You guys look so good and I miss ya a CATRILLION!!! (That is a word you know!) :D 2 more weeks and we'll be seein' the sights! You, for the second time! Love you!!!!

jbbastian said...

Those are some of my favorite places in DC. There is so much history out there. I'm so glad you have this opportunity to see it all! Keep touring - there's a million more places to visit and you'll love them all.
Love and miss ya.