Thursday, June 4, 2009

Funniest thing EVER!

I know I have been posting ALOT this past week, but my mom called this morning with a hilarious story that I couldn't resist sharing!...My mom was outside mowing the lawn, while Hadlee and Houston played outside, when the neighbor boy came over. (keep in mind, this kid is 12 or 13 and, so funny! He is always friendly and he always makes the silliest, most blunt comments...) This is how the conversation went:

Boy: "Hey! Let me mow the lawn for you so that you can play with the grandkids?!"

Mom: "Oh, its okay, I can do it!"

Boy: "No, I can do it, so you can play with them!"

(So mom let him, and when he stopped to empty the lawn mower he said...)

Boy: "Hey what ever happened to your daughter?"

Mom: "Which one?"

Boy: "The short, dark one."

Mom: "Oh, her and her husband moved back by Washington D.C for the summer."

Boy: "Is she married to a celebrity?"

Mom: "(giggles) No, why do you think that?"

Boy: "Have you ever seen 'Saved by the Bell'?"

Mom: " Ya!"

Boy: "Well, isn't she married to Mario Lopez?"

Mom: "No..."

Boy: "Really? He looks just like him! I told my mom I swear that she is married to Mario Lopez!"

Mom: "Nope, (laughs) that's not him!"

Boy: "I could have swore that was him. He is very built, and his arms are massive!"

Is that not HILARIOUS?! Ha! That is the 3rd person to say that Dustin looks like Mario Lopez! I have never laughed so hard in my life! My mom said the funniest part was that he was dead serious! He didn't think it was funny at all! He really thought I was married to a celebrity!

What do ya think??? Was he right? ha ha


Chris & Jennie said...

That is really funny! And, WOW, those pictures almost look identical! Crazy how much he really does look like Mario Lopez

Nicki Christensen Swilor said...

Dear Short Dark One,

I am cracking up by myself at work. I never thought of Dustin as Mario Lopez or a celebrity at all for that matter, but seeing those pics side by side he REALLY does! I love it!

Love, Nicki

Josh and Allayna McCann said...

HAHA!! Tash, I thought you were married to Mario Lopez too! Youre not?!! I thought he might have just changed his name so customers don't ask for autographs.



Our Family said...

holy crap i did not think that until i saw the pics side by side!! funny i could have told people i went to school with mario lopez

Adam and Dev said...

Hey Tash! Good to hear from has been forever hasn't it? We are doing well, still living in Logan just trying to get through school! Hope all is well with you. How are you liking D.C.? That sounds way fun.

p.s. this story is really funny! I have never thought of Dustin looking like Mario Lopez, but I can see it now. ha ha

love ya,

Tatum said...

WO! I have never noticed the resemblance but now I totally see it! Hilarious!
You guys are both beautiful enough to be celebs!! Jessica Alba + Mario Lopez LOL!!

Courtney and Bridger said...

oh my YES! ha ha I laughed so hard at this because like 2 weeks ago I was watching saved by the bell and totally thought that and told dustin when we were at Applebees that one night I think. Funny! Those pictures are way similar too

JaRelle Bailey said...

Holy cow, I never thought of that before, but he really does look a lot like him. That's so funny!

The Quarnbergs said...

Yes, that is a VERY funny story! And I am going to cast my vote for the "boy"! I can see where his confusion might be-that picture of both your husband and Mario, they could be brothers! So congrats on being married to a celebrity!

Brady and Kayla said...

OH my!! That is FUNNY! There is definitely a resemblance! I totally see it!!

Mari Kjar said...

haha!!! lol. i can't wait to show josh this tonight!!

Heidi said...

I VOTE YES! Especially when you put them side by side. I love your updates, it looks like you guys are having alot of fun!

Rhett and Tiffanie Jackson said...

wow...he could do a celebrate double night! go tasha! movie star hubby :) lol!

to funny! hope you are having the time of your life...i was in ny 13 years ago...amazing!