Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Jaiya Bug- 18 Months

It's been too long since I've updated, but with good reasoning. A few months ago, Dustin and I bought a new laptop, and around the same time we were given a new digital camera. Unfortunately the memory card didn't fit in our laptop, therefore, no new pics could not be added...and no blog is as interesting without pictures! But, thanks to modern technology, we bought a device that can read our memory card and plug into our laptop. So, here we are. And, I'm finally catching up.

I am a little hesitant when I do an update on Jaiya because I feel that I need to make sure I remember EVERYTHING. I just never feel like I remember it all, and the perfectionist in me gets anxiety over that. Weird, right?! Oh well, at least MOST will be documented and the rest can stay tucked away in my memory until some future day of reminiscing to bring it out...
Jaiya @ her 18 month check-up with Dr. Judy.
Jaiya Facts-

Wearing size 12-24 mo., and at times a 2T.

Size 5 shoe.

Head size- 19"

26 lbs. Dropped from the 90th to the 75th- 80th percentile in weight! (not quite sure)

31" tall- 75th percentile

Jaiya recently wowed us with counting to ten in both English & Spanish. My mom thought she would teach her in Spanish while we were at the cabin, but after Grandma said, "Uno,.." Jaiya went on and on! Geeze, my thanks go out to Dora for teaching her so well...

And, along with that, she is OBSESSED (and I'm not using that word lightly) with Dora. Goodness, it's NON-STOP around here.

We potty-trained for a while with a couple successes, and we were struggling with jobs/school to keep it going, so now that I've got my summer break, I am tackling this thing once and for all!

Jaiya no longer drinks regular milk, whatsoever. It HAS to be chocolate.

She is already in the "copy-cat" stage. I say something, and immediately it gets repeated. Crap.

She is still very loving. Gives lots of kisses and hugs, but on the other hand, she is still a girl, and has the "sassy" down pat!

Jaiya cannot get enough of her Grandma's and Papa's.....oh and Kezi.

Whether Jaiya gets hurt or we sneeze or cough she ALWAYS says either, "I'm okay." or "Ya okay?!" It never fails. It's adorable.

She loves playing outside.

She's a fabulous mommy to her babies.

She loves to dance and sing.

She uses anything and everything as if it's a phone. It could be the end of the vacuum hose, and she'll stick it to her ear and say, "Ho'." ha ha

She gives mommy a run for her money at church. But, I do remind myself it's important that she learns sometime, so we still tackle it...

She LOVES rides in the car. Especially if she's tired.

She is always in our bathroom drawer with the deodorant and she opens one of them and rubs it under her nose. I can't blame her, daddy's Old Spice is to die for.

Bath-time is still a major hit. She loves it.

She loves water...and thanks to the grandparents...POP! Ugh. It was a constant fight for a while. She must take after her Mama.

The second we get in Grandma's car, she's shouting "Woobie, Woobie..." (movie) so that she can continue her Dora obsession on the go.

She has the Swiper saying down to a T, constantly saying, "Oh man!"

She will say any word.

She loves to color, but unfortunately we can't allow it considering she has colored on almost everything....

She has most of her teeth, but the "fang" teeth are just cutting through now!

She loves walks.

She is easily entertained. This girl LOVES to play with anything!

I love this little one to pieces. She's amazing, and growing up so fast. She learns so much and takes everything in like a sponge. I am one proud Mommy.

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Camille said...

Oh what a JOY this lil pill is in my life!!!! I love her SO much and I love that she LOVES ME!!!! It tickles me when she is excited to see me yet breaks my heart when she cries when I leave... :( You 2 are GREAT parents! And we love all of you so very much!!!!