Sunday, February 1, 2009

What We Have Been Up To....

First and foremost, I wanna say congratulations to Cole and Heather! Their sweet little girl was born this morning at 4:45a.m. She is absolutely gorgeous with lots of black hair, and she looks just like her daddy! We are so happy for them, and we cannot wait to see her! And when I get some pictures I will be sure to post them asap!
I am going to try to cram as much in to this post as possible to feel somewhat caught up on my bare with me!
The day after Thanksgiving we left for the Platinum Cruise to Mexico! It was so much fun,and I really miss that warm weather! We made 3 stops: Acapulco, Manzanillo, and Zijuantanajo! Every year the cruise is so much fun! We get to meet so many new people from Platinum and other parts of the world!

Bobbi and I waiting for the guys to get done gambeling!

Dinner in Acapulco

The houses were so neat!

Taking a break from Snorkeling

I was getting stung by little jelly-fish! There were thousands of baby ones swimming around! Ouch!

My ultimate dream! We saw a wild whale on the way to Ixtapa!

Dustin and Phil

Goofy Girls

Dustin and I

King of the Casino

Nice abs!

Blow Fish!


Our "Fun Ship!"

On our way to Ixtapa Island!

The guys fishing!

We have been spending 99% of the time working on the house! It is now completely remodelled (our kitchen floor comes tomorrow!) and we are finally living here! It is so nice to finally have a "home." Dustin and his mom have done most of the work since I have been working so much, but all the hard work has finally paid off! We have just a few more things to move in, and....WE WILL BE DONE! Yay!


Kayla and I decided to join the adult dance class at Geena's Dance Works in Gunnison. It has been so much! It is so funny to watch all of us try to clog after years of being in clogging! In December we performed at the Christmas recital. I was so nervous I could have thrown up! I had only been to four or five practices and I knew I was going to mess up!...and...yep, I the very beginning! Hadlee also performed and she did such a great job. She is in ballroom and her and her partner looked so cute! They are only 4 and 5, so it was so stinkin' cute to see them up there with kids from elementary to high school!


For New Year's Eve, Dustin and I went up to Luke and Mariah's. We all had so much playing guitar hero, watching BMX, eating, and just talking!

Playing "Chubby Bunny!" It was hilarious! That girl got 14 marshmallows in her mouth and I about gagged at 4! AMAZING, that's all I have to say!

Mariah and her cute Pregnant belly!

On Christmas Eve, my grandma Bernitta was admitted in to Gunnison hospital with an oxygen level of 45%! Her hands, feet, and lips were bright purple. My mom and Jerry took her to the hospital and she was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure. After a few days they sent her to Utah Valley's ICU where she stayed for two weeks! On my birthday, my mom and I took a trip up north to have lunch at P.F Changs, see grandma, and go to the movie "Marley and Me!" It was a great birthday, and I am so glad that grandma was able to come home shortly after!


A few weeks ago, Dustin and I babysat for Kristi and Kris while they went to market! (Kristi is Jerry's neice that I work for in Richfield) It was so much fun! We watched movies, ate pizza, played Rock Band, and much more! The first night we rented Gameplan. Jessi wanted Dustin to do lifts with her like the little girl did in her ballet recital! It was so cute, and that little girl can dance her heart out!!!



Annie and Austin said...

Oh friend.. you are just so cute! I miss you girl. It looks like everything is going good for you :)Love ya, Annie

Marg said...

Glad you finally got into your house!

Hope Bernitta is feeling better!