Thursday, January 8, 2009


Wow, it has been so long since I have had time to blog! I promise to be better...especially once we get into our new house. It is so much easier to upload pictures on my laptop than to scan them onto a desktop computer...(Our house is almost done! We have remodelled most of it, and as soon as we get in I will post some pictures!)
Anyway, enough with the excuses!
Kayla and Brady invited Dustin and I over to their house to cheer on the Florida Gators in the Championship Game!(which they won!) It was so much fun. She made hot wings, chips and dip, sandwiches, and tons more! It is always so much fun to come and hang out with Brady, Kayla and the kids. We are all running here and there throughout the week, that we don't see them as often as we'd like!

Brady and Houston ready for the big game!

Gators are #1!

Kayla and Brady!

Gator Fans!

Dustin and I

Herb blowin' bubbles...



Nicki Christensen Swilor said...

Yay! Way to add a new post! I'm so proud. haha

Zach and Tiff nelson said...

Well its about time loser head! haha I miss seeing all of your posts from the summer :( I've turned into a blogging maniac. I decided it's the BEST way for me to journal...I prefer typing to writing by hand! I miss you so seriously has been way too long! We need to plan something ASAP. I'm serious!!!!

Anne Sorensen said...

I heard you guys got a house in salina. That is great. Do you love having a place of your own that you can do anything you want with? I am very jealous. Next time we are down in Gunnison we will have to come and see it!

The Lund's said...

Yay.. Its good to see what you are up to! i need to come see your place. Thats super exciting! Good for you guys.. Your cute as ever, and as always!

Corey and Arleen Jensen said...

I think you can get to our blog from here. Then you can get to BreAnn's from there. Thanks for all you do for me. You are very talented and I don't know what I would do without you in Kindergarten.