Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Go Steelers!!!

The Superbowl at the Johnson residence is the funnest holiday of the year! Candi makes all sorts of goodies, and eating is one of my favorite parts! We all have our names on the Superbowl boards, which makes it more exciting than just the game itself! Although, none of us EVER win, thanks to Kevin's family, it is still fun "wishing." We were, of course, rooting for our beloved Steelers, and they never let us down! I cannot wait for their 7th win next year!!!! GO STEELERS!

Candi watching the Big Game!

We love the Steelers!

Bill showing Mike his dream car!

Dez and Mike

Baby Gage!

Chas and Gage!

Shandee being shy...

Chas, Bill and Chase

Me and Baby Gage

Shandee and Brant

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