Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mamma Sloth

Ok all you mamasita's....

What's your "energy" trick? I'm not always lackin', but for those few days a week that I am, I want advice!

Is it...
A certain drink?
Super foods?
A schedule?
Something you've stopped doing?
I want tips.

I pretty much know why I'm sluggish on some days. I won't lie about that. So, I'm gonna tell ya'll what I'm doing wrong. Cause with all you will soon find out, I do some stupid things. And, I need some good advice. The "Cold, Hard truth," if you will.

Here are the 2 MAJOR issues I'm dealing with, that even a goldfish could tell ya are the reasons I'm sluggish on some days.

I HAVE to have alone time. I don't care when, or how, but it has to happen. If not, I feel like I'll snap from being spread too thin throughout the day. If I am at home all day, or at work all day, I get claustrophobic and need a minute. But my sluggish issue is mostly on work days. So, when I've just got home from my shift at the hospital, I give my princess J lots and lots of hugs and kisses, ask her about her day, and then its bed time. Here's where the problem is. What I should do is go to bed and get as much sleep as my Jaiya bug gets, or I should wake up before her and get some things done before she wakes up. Nope. I don't do that. It's usually me and Jaiya home alone at night, so... If she's in bed, I want to watch my DVR, lifetime, or surf the world wide web, or blog, and of course I need a loooong bath. After all that, it's pushin' midnight and I am so tired when jaiya wakes up. (yes, I require more than 8 hours of sleep) so there's problem #1. I get my alone time, but probably at the wrong time. Darn.

Number 2 could be my diet. Oh for the love, do I even want to share this? well, here goes... It sucks. I actually enjoy eating healthy and trying new healthy things, but come on, when you're a mom trying to work and with the oddest shift ever, your diet takes a humongous nose dive. Or ceases to exist. Ok, so when I wake up, I feed Jaiya and take the next 2 hours to do whatever needs to be done around the house. Which is usually a lot. So, therefore, mamma bear eats at 10-11am. Then I'm to work by noon. Not hungry. And I don't eat until I'm so hungry that the only thing that reminds me to eat is my "paralysis of the whole body" (that's a self diagnosis). Literally. My blood-sugar drops and I'm useless. Then, after NOT getting dinner,( because it's only served between 6-6:30, and if I have even one patient I could miss it), I come home around 9, and sometimes forget to eat, or I eat goldfish. Which is extremely healthy, right? Oh and I drink pop, lots of it. And I'm not telling how much...(52 oz. mug) disgusting huh? But I lub it!!!!

Now that my "recognition" and "denial" steps are out of the way, let's hear it. Cause I know, it's pathetic. It sounds like an easy fix, and it probably is. But, I want to know what YOU do to stay energized, and how you find your "alone time" throughout the day?  You don't have to be a mom to give me advice. For heck sake, you could be a toddler and give me better advice than what I'm currently doing.


Camille said...

Ok, heres Mom's advice: (don't roll your eyes!) :) GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK! You're doing fine and every Mom feels stretched beyond recognition!!! Don't set an exact time for your "alone time"!!! Just take it whenever you can! Morning, noon, night, or ALL 3!!!! Take all you can!!!! And ok...You ARE a walking pop machine! Cut down a wee bit, and just learn to carry HEALTHY snacks that you can snack on whenever you can! It'll help to keep your energy level up and more steady!!!!

Wes and Lindsey Cardall said...

Haha you're so cute! You think you're doing terrible, but it doesn't sound that bad to me! You just sound super busy! Maybe you could carry some energy bars in your purse. I LOVE bars! Clif might be a good option for you and they have lots of yummy flavors. And I agree with your mama, cut down on the soda pop. They cause your blood sugar to spike then crash. But all in all, you are doing great juggling a long day of work and taking care of a house, a husband, a baby... and yourself! Remember it's not a bad thing to take time for yourself! Not at all!

Blake and Brandi Beck said...

Tash I am horrible with you.. I am not even a mom yet but those long stinking hours at the hospital will ruin anyone! I am also a major soda drinker and I know if I would cut back I would be much better off (don't get me wrong I have cut way back since being preggo but I still drink too much) but it is so dang delicious!

Tyson and Lana Hansen said...

I was hoping to click on the comments to get some advice too but I don't drink pop and I don't like granola I guess I'm just plain lazy w/o any solution. I DO find tho, that my lazy days are the day I DONT work and so recently (ok just starting today) I made myself shower right when I got up-oh and w/o sleeping in. Then I got out and made breakfast and then cleaned up. Jax and I have gotten in the habit of being so super lazy since we started stocking up on kids movies and I wouldn't let us watch more than one (which Ty put on before leaving to work while I was still in bed). Then we went outside and played and washed the car and just keep finding things to do...but I have to admit..the TV is on right now while I'm taking some blogging time. But hey I've been going all this is long. Sorry, so I guess what I am trying is getting up and going with lots of lights on and finding things to do is helping me. We should hang out when we're both bored, we're probably both sitting on our couches along but we could together :)

Matasha said...

Thanks guys! Seriously. I have Been doing so much better. I now make sure that I drink lots more water (which is hard) and I keep healthy snacks with me for when my blood-sugar levels drop. I've been packing fruit leather, smoked string cheese, and tuna fish and crackers along with a water bottle filled at home! It's really helped keep my body fueled and energized! I appreciate all your input. You guys are awesome! And yes, Lana lets do!!!