Monday, July 16, 2012

Happy Birthday to the USA!

Oooh I love small town 4th of July celebrations. It's always so fun to have the whole community get together for food, games, fireworks, rodeo's, and dances.

Jaiya ran in the "Diaper Dirby" in Richfield on the 3rd. Being the wonderful parents that we are,  Dustin and I had her run to us several times at home to get in some good practice time, and we were convinced she was gonna win the $100 savings bond. But, when it came down to the actual race, things didn't quite go as planned.  As soon as they said GO, Jaiya ran and was in the lead, and then she noticed that she had people watching her, so she started dancing and hopping all over....It was hilarious, and we definitely got a good laugh. Looks like we will have to wait til next year for a re-do!
We also went to the Aurora dinner and fireworks that night. Jaiya experienced fireworks for the first time, and the noise scared her half to death! Poor thing.

On the morning of the 4th, I ran in the 5k that they have every year (I had no clue) here in Salina with Danielle and her son Tate. They both are not so much. If you saw on facebook a while back, I wanted to start running, and everyone responded with trying the Couch to 5K program. Dustin and I did it together, and I am so impressed that I am now considered a runner! Woohoo. Thanks to that tiny little app for helping me out. I didn't stop once during the race, and I didn't come in last, so...I'm a winner, right?! I have no idea where the pics are from the race, but they'll have to be added in later...

4th of July Games


Grandma Mille and Papa Jerry have a BBQ every year. This year, they had the swimming pool set up so the kids could swim and cool off after a morning of games!


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Camille said...

I love your pictures of our fun Fourth!!! :) So cute!