Friday, August 1, 2008

HaPpY BiRtHdAy MoM

Today is my mom's birthday. She is the greatest mom, and I love her so much! We have been through so much together, and all of our ups and downs have only made us closer and stronger! I always have admired the person that my mom is, and I hope that I can one day be as great of a mother and wife as she has been. I have so much to learn, but there is no better example than my mom.
As most of you know, she isn't your typical mother... She is a little bit more on the energetic side,(I like to just call it Adult ADD!) to put it mildly! She used to get so aggitated if we were just sitting around watching t.v or being lazy that she would beg us to go toilet papering. Or, she would do things like, on the way home from Grandma's stop in the middle of the road and do a "chinese fire drill." Soon it became: indian fire drills, cowboy fire drills, japanese fire drills, ect... She just thought it was funny that we would do anything she said. She also, numerous times, would walk home from my Grandmas house who lives in Axtell. Or...if we were in the mountains, we always had to stop while she ran up and down a mountain! Not a hill, a MOUNTAIN! Wow! She made me tired just watching her most of the time. She got enough exersise in for the whole fam!!! Her grandkids just love her, because she is just as active and hyper as they are. She is always willing to pretend with them, and it only broadens their imagination!
As you can see, she is such a fun, energetic, and loving mother, grandmother, and wife! I am so proud to have her as my mom! I love you Mom, and Happy Birthday!!!


Chelsey said...
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Camille said...

Hey Tash THANK YOU!!! You are too sweet! Having AADD isn't all that bad!!!! I can watch Disney movies, play on swingsets & trampolines, and eat all the candy I want!!!!! Thanks again, you are such a great daughter and I love you very much!!!!! MOM

Chelsey said...


Cyndi said...

Hey Matasha it was so fun hearing from you!!! You gotta love this blogging thing. It's the best way to keep in touch with people. When you make it back to Utah, we would love to see you guys. Sounds like you're having fun in Texas. I bet it's pretty hot down there this time of the year. We are definitely loving the weather here in Utah!!! Keep in touch, Cyndi
PS Happy Birthday Camille!!!

Nicki Christensen said...

This was such a cute post. Your mom is so funny. I think I need to hang out with her and maybe some of her energy would rub off on me??? Happy Birthday Camille.