Friday, August 1, 2008

10 ThinGs i cAnnoT waiT to do Back HoMe!

As most of you know, our time in Texas is coming to an end:( We have three (maybe four) weeks to go, and I am getting very anxious to get home and do the things I used to get to do throughout the summers, but cram it all in, in like a month and a half! Here are the 10 things I cannot wait to do back home!!!!

1- Go to Les Mes with my mom and sister down in St.George!!! (i loved this book in College English! I have wanted to see it in theater FOREVER!)
2- Do girlie things with my neice Hadlee. (she loves fake nails, and HSM! oh... and she love love loves Subway) That a girl Had!
3- Go Camping, fishing, four-wheeling, and spend time at the cabin.
4- Go to El Mexicano with April.
5- Take diet coke runs with my mom and sister like 5 times a day.
6- Babysit my neices and nephews! (i love spoiling them!)
7- Make dinner and watch movies at Kayla and Brady's house.(Kayla and I usually end up watching the movie with the kids, while Brady and Dustin are outside playing on the lathe or making something creative until wee hours in the morning!)
8- Running to Provo for Cafe Rio and a movie with Tiff!
9- Get Kezi's hair cut! I miss Jen so bad! No one cuts Kezi's hair the same out here!!!
10- Go to Lake Powell with the fam! (i love to wakeboard, although...I have A LOT to learn! And laying out is always fun and relaxing!)

Well, there you have it! My little "TO DO" list for when I get home! My list could have been longer, but I only wanted to bore you for a minute. We miss our friends and family so much, and we cannot wait to see you all soon! Here we come Utah!


Camille said...

Awesome list Tash!!!! You pretty much covered ALL the important items!

Brady and Kayla said...

I LOVE your list! You can bet that we are gonna get it all done!! HA HA! I miss your freakin guts! I can't wait to see you guys!! Love ya!