Friday, August 1, 2008

The Dallas World Aquarium

Yesterday, Tiff and I decided to take a day, and go to Dallas to see the Dallas World Aquarium. We stopped at the mall first to grab a bite to eat (and, ok...we might have shopped) at the Le Madeleine! It was so yummy. We also grabbed a carameled apple and some chocolate from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory!Mmmmm After spending a good 3 hours at the mall, Tiff and I decided it was getting late and we should probably get to the aquarium before it closed! Dustin and Zach would have killed us if we went all the way there and only went to the mall!!!
The Aquarium was so neat, we couldn't believe how everything was so open. It was amazing seeing all of those creatures so close to us. The manatees and the sloth were our faves! It only took us about an hour to see the aquarium, and then off to the mall, again... I got my eyebrows done at this place called Boeau Belle. It is the coolest thing EVER, and it is only $10! Until moving to Texas, I had NEVER seen this sort of thing before. (the girl who did them, said it started in Lebenon where she is from) The lady has this long peice of thread...she somehow has a peice in her mouth and in both hands. Then, she moves the thread a certain way so that it plucks the hair right out of your face. ANYWHERE! She did a demo on my upper eyebrow and it was so clean and smooth that I had to get the bottom half done too! I loved it, and my eyebrows have never looked so good! Thanks Riham! (ha ha, her name was on my receipt!)
Well, I forgot to mention one thing! Tiff and I somehow missed 3 whole floors of the aquarium! HOW??? It cost us $20, and we missed that much!!! We ended up the gift shop, so we have no idea how it happened. But Sadie asked us if we loved how the sharks swam around us, and if we saw the jaguar,...Uh...what sharks, and there was a jaguar??? So, needless to say, we will probably be taking another trip back with the hubbies since we missed the best part!


Camille said...

What a fun trip for you 2 CRAZY girlz!!!!! It looks fun! I love the pictures! I need to come back & go there!!!!

Merri Lynn said...

Hey Tash,

I got my eyebrow's "threaded" in St. Louis, too! It was awesome! Kaycie got her lip done but said it kinda hurt! If you want to get rich quick, just learn how they do that threading stuff and set you up a little shop in the Mall. Your only expense would be a chair and a spool of thread! $10 bucks every 5 minutes...that averages out to be about $120/hour or $960/day plus tips! Not bad! I think we should set up business!

Love ya...