Saturday, August 30, 2008

Goodbye Texas...Hello Utah!

Dustin and I are packin' up and movin' on home! What a great summer we had! We are definitely going to miss that scorching heat, and those crazy storms...NOT! But, really, we will miss Texas. We had so much fun getting to know so many new people and making life-long friendships. Dustin has done so well, and I am so incredibly proud of him! He is an amazing husband and he works so hard to make it possible for us to live a stress-free life financially! He always gives 100% to everything that he does. He is such a geat example to me, and inspires me to my best in all I do!

Now, lets have a little fun...together! I have had so many fun experiences here in Texas, and I am able to do some regular summertime activities. Dustin, on the other hand, has to put things like: Four-wheeling, fishing with Brady, spending time at the cabin with Grandpa, going to my parents' cabin, swimming, Lake Powell, wake-boarding...aside for four months. Now, we wanna cram some of those things in before the snow starts comin' in!

Love Ya'll:)


Camille said...

I for one am WAY glad you are saying ADIOS to the Lone Star State!!! I can't wait for my kids to be HOME!!!!!! Love you guys! And "Rust"....I am SOOOOO proud of you too! :)

rhettandtiffjacksonfamily said...

Welcome Home Johnson's! Congrat's Dustin on a sucessful summer and to Tasha..congrat's on your new job at GVES! Tiff

brookiebaby said...

Stress-free financially??? What would THAT be like!?!?! :) Glad you'll be back soon!

ToddandCara said...

HEY how have you been. Looks like
life is going good for you. It has been a long time and thought i would say hi. Keep in touch