Saturday, June 1, 2013

I'm a Bachelor

...Oh wait...

I mean, I have my Bachelors!

A Bachelor's of Radiologic Sciences with a specialty in MRI.

6 years of college down, and 0 more to go.

I barely survived by the way. I am NOT going to tell you how much I love to be a student, cause I don't. I hate deadlines, and things keeping me from my babes, the countless hours of not being paid to work, and actually working on top of it, it's exhausting. But, it's possible, and I did it. However, it would NOT have been possible without Dustin's daily encouraging "pep-talks" telling me how smart and wonderful I am, and that I am capable of anything. Him telling me how school isn't easy for anybody and that everyone else goes through days with pure overwhelming depression and the want to quit, really helped me when I felt like I was drowning in everything I had to get done. Oh and lets not forget that our parent's and other family members babysat weekly so we could make all of this work. I seriously can't thank them enough. Support is an amazing thing.

As for the future, I still need to take my boards before I can apply for a job doing MRI. I still have some procedures required that I need to pass off before I can take them, but until then, I will continue to work in x-ray PRN.

I had to share pics of my great friends from school. We started in x-ray together and then continued with MRI, and I am telling you...there is not a doubt in mind that I couldn't have done it without them.
(Jeff Dansie/Carrera Cook)

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