Saturday, June 1, 2013

2 going on, seriously!

Let me start by saying, THANK GOODNESS that Jaiya was blessed with her daddy's "smart" genes.

She loves to learn and will spend hours upon hours excersising her little brain.

Recently, Dustin taught Jaiya to spell her name to the "B-I-N-G-O" song, and it was a total hit! Props to him on that one. We hear "J-A-I-Y-A, J-A-I-Y-A, J-A-I-Y-A, and Jaiya was her name-o" all day every day!

So why not take it a little further? Well, we did. We make sure she is ready and that she is interested, cause let's be honest, two year olds will NOT do anything they don't want to we moved on with writing her J's. We showed her by saying "dooowwwwwn.....whoop!" to teach her the little curl at the end. She does it so good. She is now working on her a's, but we haven't quite mastered that one. Instead of doing a circle with a tail, she does a circle with a dot. Still pretty good.

Now, the bike thing has taken her a little longer, but she was so determined she picked it up in just a couple of days. The problem she was having at first was she kept trying to peddle forward then back which was only causing her to brake. But, she finally got the hang of peddling forward, so long as we keep saying, "Push, Push, Push, Push..." so she doesn't forget and peddle the wrong way! Hey...whatever works, right?!

She has mastered all of her shapes...square, circle, triangle, diamond...and even octogon. She will also tell you that an octogon has 8 sides!

She plays matching games better that I do. Let the competitive-ness begin!!!;) hee hee

I have to tell a quick story so that one day Jaiya can read this...
The other day, Jaiya was playing outside at my Mom and Jerry's in one of those little cars that you push with your feet...She wheeled over by my mom and I, got out of her car, walked around to other side of it, and said, "Oh no! Mama, I'm out of petro!" I was floored, and asked the obvious thing to ask when you hear something like that, "What, honey?" She replied in her oh so shocked voice, "I'm out of petro! I better get some!" So, she grabbed a cup of water from the hose and filled up the gas tank!
I have NO clue where she got that, I definitely don't use that word, but I had to share! So funny.


youngkinfam said...

Congrats on getting your Bachelors, that awesome! Jaiya is super cute!

Camille said...

She's such a smart lil whip!!! What a girl! She's my little "Funshine"!!!!!

Wes and Lindsey Cardall said...

Wow she is very smart!