Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Love at first sight?

So I've had my eyes set on this particular swimsuit for a while now.

I just "glance" at it every now and then on the internet and lust till I'm sick with want.

I do this from time to time. I find something I seriously love, and I don't know what to call it other than "torture" myself because I look it at so often I just feel worse about not having it.

Pretty sure I have a problem.

You can imagine my horror, when I realized that it was quickly going out of stock on every site I had my eyes on.

My very very very favorite designer with swimwear is the fabulous Mara Hoffman, who's swimwear costs roughly $200. I personally don't have that kind of cash to blow on a swimsuit. Her style is very boho chic, and that is by far the one style I will never get sick of. I love it. So, I came upon this suit one day, and...after months of staring at it, and looking for others to see if there was one I wanted more.....I finally BOUGHT it!

Yay for me.

I even found it on sale.

Double Yay!

I ordered it last night. Like, late last night. Maybe 9-ish.

And I just checked on it, and it's HERE! ALREADY HERE!

It was meant to be.

Is it weird that shopping makes me so happy?

Tell me you feel the same...

Also, I have to say, that in April it should NOT be snowing.

The last thing I want to hear from my 2 year old on an April morning is, "Hey Mama! Can we make snow balls please? Just for once?"


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Camille said...

WOW cute suit!!! LOVE IT!!! It'd fit my knee cap if you ever get sick of it!!!! :) And ummmm I agree! This snow in Spring, well, SPRINTER, crap has GOT TO STOP!!!!!! Time for sun, fun, and a nice trip to Cancun!!!!!! OLE'