Sunday, April 7, 2013

Our Sweet Kezi-boo

March 15th turned out to be a day we wouldn't forget.

We lost our sweet little fur-ball of a puppy after she followed too closely to the tires of our car as Dustin was leaving for a BBQ with some friends.

Worst part is Dustin knew she was there and had kept his eye on her the whole time as he backed out very very slow. He kept saying, "go to grandmas Kez..." something we always did cause she'd never let us catch her to take her in. Sending her to Grandma's until we got home became the norm. Dust looked around and never saw her again so he assumed she did what he said and ran in to Grandmas front door...he even checked again at the stop sign. No Kez.

Not too long after he left, our neighbor saw her lying in the road by our driveway and he went to Dustin's parents to tell them. Mike, Dustin's dad, called Dust and told him to hurry home cause Kez was ran over....

Immediately after he got home, I got the phone call at work. I had worked the whole day and I was supposed to be on-call that night... I decided to have someone take my shift (someone offered..thankfully) because I was crying way too hard to have patients see me, and because I knew Dust would need me. (Jaiya still doesn't understand) I got home and Dust showed me our sweet, lifeless dog in a perfect little box in the back of Dustin's parents truck. I patted her on her little side, and Dustin told her how sorry he was. All we did the rest of the night was cry. I cried so much I threw up at least 4 times. We knew we'd be upset if we ever lost her. But not this upset.

The next morning we gathered up Kezi's blanket, her coat, brush, pictures of our family, her favorite toy, and an angel teddy bear, to put in the little box with her before we buried her. We decided to bury her by Dustin's parents dog, who died last year, in a place somewhat close to home. It was so hard.

Dust and Kez were always so close. She was my idea, and my dog, but she loved Dustin so much more. He felt the same about her. Kez was our first baby. We got her the year we got married, October 2007, and she was with us through everything. Stuff like, moving from state to state, keeping me company during summer sales, getting in to our first home, and welcoming a new baby girl into the family.

Kez was well loved and we enjoyed the 6 years we were able to spend with her!

Bye bye Kezi-Boo. Thanks for the memories!
The day we got Kezi

Kez and her BFF Scruffy... 

Kezi and Jaiya watching for Dad!
Christmas 2012
 Poor Kez just let J do what she wanted...ha ha. I caught J putting her bows on Kezi one day last year and I'm so glad I snapped a pic!
LOVE YOU KEZ. We miss you so much already!

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Camille said...

Oh my hell those dang dogs!!! They become like family! :(... I miss her too! That's a sweet post! Crap, maybe we best go doggy shopping!!!!!!!